Sunday, February 19, 2006

Seek, and you shall find

About an hour ago, a visitor named Tom left a comment on the next article down, the one titled "The Power of Myth: Thou Art That." He was responding specifically to one of Pastor Josh's "God is great!" comments. Since not everyone reads the comments section, I'm putting it here. (Also, I don't have any other topics in mind for a post today.)

Here's what Tom wrote:
Josh, thank you for clarifying that point. Although this site always provides good information about freemasonry — I always get the picture that freemasonry is the way to heaven — so it seems in the writings on this site. Blessings, Tom

I've been thinking lately that perhaps we've been too hard here on Baptists, or even Christianity, lately. Maybe even some of my Masonic brothers who follow this blog might think so. Tolerance is a Masonic virtue, one I'm still learning. Perhaps learning to tolerate Josh is my test.

But since tolerance is a virtue, I'm sure my Masonic brethren, even those who are Baptists, understand, accept and support my search for Light outside of the Christian dogma.

Here's what I wrote to Tom:

Glad to have you here.

As I've written many times here and as it says in the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, this website does not reflect any official position of Freemasonry. We are not here trying to point you or anyone to Heaven.

Had it not been for Josh's attacks on Freemasonry on his own blog, the tone and direction of our blog would probably have been different. So yes, Josh has had a positive influence upon us, but not in the way he must think.

Mary and I are seekers after Truth. I spent many — too many — years as a baptized, believing member of a Baptist church, and I can gum-flap and parrot Bible verses as well as Josh can, maybe better. Mary's religious background is more diverse. Her upbringing wasn't very religious, but as an adult she's been a member of both a Baptist church and a Mormon church, and investigated other Christian groups and denominations, finding little of value in any of them. Neither of us today buys into Josh's version of the Myth.

We're not here to save anyone. Your Journey back to the Center is your own, and we wish you well.

We're just here sharing what we've learned, pointing the reader to things he or she may not have discovered yet on his or her own through reading, surfing the web, or meditation.

Right now I have an interest in what has been called Astro-theology. The "gods of the sky" seem to have been the basis of, or influenced most religions, major and minor, as well as the Mystery Schools, including Freemasonry.

Enjoy. Learn. Believe if you want to. But find your own way to Heaven. We're not selling tickets here.

The painting is of John the Baptist, by Leonardo da Vinci. It is not Weird Al Yankovic, as has been rumored.


  1. This is Tom I have read your post today, it seems rather demeaning. I read - Josh's blog on freemasonry - or most of it....WOW .... you guys had quite a long conversation. I noticed some very alarming things on his site. Although I am not a mason, I am interested in the teachings since I have family members who are masons.

    After sifting through the large amount of threads on Josh's site and looking through your site, what I do see is a clash of world views. I see you claiming that you can get to heaven on logic, knowledge, and your own "journey" back to the "center". Josh and others on his site seem to be centered upon the Bible for their positions.

    As a Christian, I will have to side with Josh and the other Christians. The Bible is very clear - Jesus is the only way to eternal life. Although you make good arguements, they seem to be centered upon the ability of man to save himself. That is not possible.

    I will continue to read your blog - but I must say - your views do not match my views concerning the life after death - and specifically - salvation as a whole.


  2. Tom,
    I think you are missing the point. We are all humans and we have the right to have a differing viewpoint. Josh's problem is that he does not respect others' rights, further, he trashes them and labels them satanic or some such. Masonry does not replace your faith, but sets down guidelines by which you can have open dialog with people of other faiths without being judgmental or hateful. You are entiteled to believe as you do, but so is Mary and the Widow's Son. That is the point that Josh misses.
    My biggest problem with Josh is that he is a hypocrite, he preaches Jesus' love, but then tries to ban church membership only to those 'approved' few that he thinks worthy. Jesus would not do what he is doing. Jesus was the first to preach to the gentile masses and dine with the sinners because that is where you make the biggest difference.


  3. I read the posts on Josh the Baptists weblog. I believe we should fairly look at both sides. Josh's opinion that his view is right doesnt seem intolerant. It's just his opinion. On the other hand, the Widows Son view that Josh's is wrong doesnt mean he's intolerant either. I believe they both tolerate each others right to hold different opinion. They just each think the other is wrong. Thats not intolerant, its just different views.

    Every organization, group, club, order, has some guidlines to be a member. Josh's church has guidelines. The Freemasonry has guidelines. To be fair to both sides, neither is really wrong.

    Josh doesnt want Freemasons in his church. Freemasons probably dont want Josh in the fraternal order. Neither one is wrong. I don't see whats the big deal.

    Is calling another intolernat being intolerant?

    neutral observe

  4. You make a good point, Neutral Observer.

    However, the difference I see is that Josh says anyone who doesn't agree with his opinion will burn in Hell for all Eternity, whereas if you don't agree with me, well, you just don't agree with me. I make no predictions about anyone's Eternal Accomodations other than my own.

    To me, it seems quite intolerant when a Joshite shouts (count the exclamation points in a typical Epistle from Joshua — that's shouting!) that those who don't agree will suffer God's Anger as a result.

    You're right. Josh would probably not be a good candidate for Freemasonry.


  5. what I have seen in my observation is Freemasonry vs. Christianity. I never read where Josh said that you must agree with him....I did see several points where he said you must agree with the God of the Bible. He simply quoted Holy Scripture.

    One big thing that did trouble me was the remarks made by some freemasons concerning the Bible and Jesus Christ. That did seem rather harsh and disrespectful.

    All in all - people do disagree, but the point still remains that someone is right and someone is for me.... I will continue looking for info. on freemasonry.....but I hope you guys do change your opinion about Christianity.


  6. "Harsh and disrespectful"?

    Tom, imagine your family, going about its own business, suddenly learns that the preacher down the street is telling lies about you. Do you and your family go to him and tell him he's wrong, and that he should shut up if he can't find anything good to say about you, or do you just sit back, and say, "There goes another one of those delightfully wacky people trashing our good name, dear. Isn't that cute?"

    That's what happened between certain Freemasons and Pastor Josh "the Baptist" Buice. He was posting trash about our fraternity on his web log.

    Some of us — me, for example — don't agree with Josh's religious beliefs. He thinks his beliefs are correct, and I don't. In what was mostly a discussion of how he was wrong about Freemasonry, he started pushing his beliefs in our faces. I told him that in my opinion he was wrong. Harsh? Disrespectful? Yeah, maybe. Honey wasn't getting his attention. Neither did vinegar. He's too blinded by literalness to understand that we're all on the Same Page.

    — Widow's Son


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