Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superman Returns

In a comment about the previous post titled "Believe," someone joked that Superman was a Freemason. I'm not sure about that, but I think he'd make one heck of a Tyler.

The Superman myth has much in common with the story of Jesus, according to an article by Anton Karl Kozlovic of The Flinders University of South Australia titled "Superman as Christ-Figure: The American Pop Culture Movie Messiah" that, while stretching one's imagination at times, does make several valid and most interesting comparisons.

Another article, this one by Gary D. Robinson on the Superman Homepage, relates in detail how writers at DC Comics have dealt with the god-issue:
With characteristic modesty, Superman himself has remained oblivious to the Christ-parallel. Nevertheless, with frustration and embarrassment, the Man from Krypton has dealt with those who would worship him. The cover of a 1988 Action Comics Weekly shows the startled hero in the midst of a throng of adoring cultists.

"Superman . . . a GOD?" the caption blares. In the book, Superman saves the life of a young man who promptly kneels before him. "Bob... you credit me with too much! Yes, I help people to the best of my abilities... but despite all my power, I'm not God."

"B-but Superman...!" pleads Bob. "Yes, Bob, Superman! Remember that!" responds our hero — appearing not to notice, as he utters his parting shot, that he's literally ascending into the sky.
Minister and author Edward F. Markquart of Seattle's Grace Lutheran Church isn't afraid to point out the similarities, and uses Clark Kent's transformation into Superman as a model of Christ's transfiguration. He also peppered his sermon titled "Jesus Christ and Superman" with references to the George Burns movie Oh God!, to Wonder Woman, and to near-death-experience researcher and author Dr. Raymond Moody. Clearly, Pastor Markquart's sermons might actually keep me awake.

A new Superman movie, Superman Returns, is due out this year. The trailer shows little of our hero, but prominently features the voice of Kal-El's father saying:
"Even though you've been raised as a human being you are not one of them. They can be a great people, Kal-El. They wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all — their capacity for good — I have sent them you, my only son."
Like countless other "saviors sent to us" since the beginning of time, Superman came to bring us the Light.

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  1. To all Masons,

    One of your fellow “brothers” writes the following:

    “Therefore Masonry teaches that redemption and salvation are both the power and the responsibility of the individual Mason. Saviors like Hiram Abiff can and do show the way, but men must always follow and demonstrate, each for himself, his power to save himself, to build his own spiritual fabric in his own time and way. Every man in essence is his own savior and redeemer; for if he does not save himself, he will not be saved. The reader who succeeds in getting back to the real teachings of the masters, including Jesus of Nazareth, will find unanimity of thinking on this matter (Lynn Perkins, The Meaning of Masonry, p.95).”

    1. Do you agree?
    2. What is your plan of action in obtaining your own Salvation?

    You have the right (Free Speech Amendment) to call Christ a myth and disgrace His name, gospel, follwers, and His bride on this site - but my friend - you better be right.

    Josh Buice
    For the sake of the TRUE gospel!

  2. Oh yes.... I must admit that your audience is rather slim. Do you and your friend, Mr. Schlipp get together and post your rants on your one another's sites for fun? It seems that your following is rather slim?

    Could it be that you have been wrong?

    With the statements about Christ that you have made - you better hope you are right - but you and I both know deep down inside - you are not right.

    I plead with you to repent and turn to Christ today. I don't want to see you perish! I prayed for you this week, and I continue to do so today. Christ will save if you will accept His gospel and turn to Him for Salvation.

    Friend in the gospel of Christ!

    Josh Buice

  3. "Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there is one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded faith." — Thomas Jefferson, founding father of the United States

  4. Every man, woman and child is a star.

  5. Interesting post! I'm a fan of Superman, I had never heard these, but it makes sense!



    "F. Roy Dean Schlipp said...

    The age requirement is in place to insure that only mature people will make the decision to become a Mason. Women have their own masonic entities. There is no bylaw that states an African American cannot become a Mason.
    Masonry is more of a civic, philanthropic organization of honorable and spiritual people...Not a church. Our membership requirements are based on the principles that were set down long ago and for good reason. This was to keep immature, mentally handicapped people from embarking upon a journey that they really didn't comprehend.
    As for poor people not being admitted...There is the principle of "Masonic Charity"... For these people... their dues are taken care of and no one lectures them in sermons about tithes and offerings. (Unlike some Baptist Churches I have attended...)
    Lastly Chipley,
    If you are going to try to use information I give you to prove your own least do it competently. That was a lame attempt by someone who was trying to make the facts fit his/her theory. Pitiable that you got Rev Josh ensnared into your folly.

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp
    Gentle-Fellow of the Sublime Craft

    8:46 PM

    Chip said...
    Sire F. Roy Dean Schlipp:

    Yours: "Our membership requirements are based on the principles that were set down long ago and for good reason. This was to keep immature, mentally handicapped people from embarking upon a journey that they really didn't comprehend."

    I am disturbed by your discrimination against mentally handicapped people.

    I shall offer no comment; only let the reader judge for himself/herself.

    Thank you and cheers,

    Chipley McQueen Thornton

    9:04 PM

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp said...
    Chipley...Let me clarify for you as I should have known you would be grasping at straws to prove your quite unprovable case.

    Mentally handicapped people who do not have the faculties to make a reasonable or informed decision whether to join the fraternity or take part in the responsibilities of such membership. That should clarify it for you.

    9:33 PM

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp said...

    It would seem that you are good at what you accuse others of...Twisting people's words into what you want them to say. I will be much more clear when dealing with you in the future.
    I leave you with this quote...

    "God...Protect me from your followers! For they know NOT what they do!"

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp

    9:35 PM

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp said...

    How many African Americans are sitting in your church? How many Asian Americans?

    Just wondering...

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp

    PS- My Lodge accepts ALL races without.

    9:38 PM

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp said...

    How many African Americans are sitting in your church? How many Asian Americans?

    Just wondering...

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp

    PS- My Lodge accepts ALL races without discrimination.

    9:40 PM

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp said...

    Regarding Mentally Handicapped...

    How many Mentally Handicapped preachers, pastors, reverends, witch-doctors...I forget what you call them in your cult...uh...I mean faith...How many mentally handicapped preachers do you have preaching right now?
    How about deacons who are mentally handicapped?
    Probably not a one... How many apply for Baptist Seminary I wonder?

    Seems that the readers will have to look at YOUR history of discrimination against mentally handicapped people as well.

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp

    9:47 PM

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp said...

    One more thought... If you have any mentally handicapped people in your congregation...How many do you let hold positions of church leadership or offices of duty?

    The reason I ask is that most members of a Lodge will get the opportunity to serve as the head officer of that lodge and/or in the offices of duty. These duties; especially the administrative head officer's duties are quite demanding and complex.
    Does the mentally handicapped run YOUR church from time to time???

    Just wondering...
    F. Roy Dean Schlipp


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