Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CBS commits to produce TV pilot about anti-Mason 'cult expert' Bob Larson

CBS has given the go-ahead for a pilot episode of an exoricism-themed drama based on the life of self-proclaimed cult expert, exorcist and anti-Mason Bob Larson, according to Hollywood Reporter. Larson was profiled in an article on Burning Taper in March.

Joan of Arcadia team of Barbara Hall and Joe Roth with co-produce the pilot. Roth was the executive producer of the 1990 film Exorcist III.

According to Larson's website, through his ministry and what he calls Spiritual Freedom Conferences, Larson teaches "the principles of spiritual freedom" and the "many ways that demons attack human beings." Larson is the founder of an international group of churches and has written 30 books, including such titles as Larson's Book of Spiritual Warfare and Larson's Book of Cults.

Larson hosted the syndicated radio program Talk Back With Bob Larson, which featured such topics as Satanism and exorcisms, and now hosts a radio and a TV show, both titled "Bob Larson Presents: Spiritual Freedom, that air on radio stations and on the Internet.

If Larson's expertise on Freemasonry is any indication of his overall knowledge, the new TV show will probably portray the paranormal about as well as a Scooby Doo, Where Are You? episode.

In one book, Larson erroneously tells his readers that third-degree Masons are called Shriners, and that "Masons refer to their 33rd degree Masons as 'Worshipful Master.'"

According to a 1993 Cornerstone magazine article, Larson once tried to make a name for himself as an anti-rock-and-roll crusader. After that idea fizzled, he eventually hit it big on the anti-Satanist circuit.

According to the Cornerstone article, Larson's fundraising techniques have long been controversial. It is alleged that he ran and re-ran taped religious radio programs for years as if they were live, setting the call-in numbers to be "busy" while keeping the toll-free 800 number donation line open. Later, the article says, he got more sophisticated and did live commentary while re-using old call-in recordings, manipulating would-be donors with a called-in pledge that was "sent by God."

An ex-employee claims to have not only ghost-written but totally fabricated Larson's account of the Satanic ritual abuse of a small girl.

Even Christian magazines and other ministers have painted Larson in a less-than-flattering light. Apparently, Larson lashes out with charges of conspiracy whenever anyone speaks out against him.

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  1. Oh dear. I saw Larson exorcise John Safran on 'John Safran vs God' last year and it was truly cringe worthy, that's when I wasn't guffawing in disbelief. This Christian at least doesn't consider him an expert.

    eclectic itchings

  2. OK...Here is my repost of an earlier post...IN MY OPINION, Bob Larson is just the latest in a line of Fundamentalist, literalist con-man snake oil salesmen. It is my opinion that fundamentalist Christianity has more in common with white supremacy movements than with Christianity.
    The reason that fundamentalism is so dangerous is that some of it's adherents have expressed their intention to overthrow our current form of democratic government and replace it with a Christian theocracy. This is already a publicly stated aim. Some have stated that democracy is the largest blasphemy ever perpetrated and is an abomination unto God.
    To this, I say that if we, the more rational-minded of Americans do not effect measures to guard against this kind of religious terrorism; we may well find ourselves or our children living in an America with no protection of religious or social freedoms. This would be the greatest of blasphemies. But again...THAT'S MY OPINION...and it's STILL ok to publicly express an opinion.

    Darren Simpson


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