Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jewish lesbian chit-chats with 'Shriner lady' at the roller derby

I found an interesting little blog today called "What I Think." Nothing earthshaking, just someone's personal experiences, shared on their blog.

The article I found tells of the writer's experience of meeting a "Shriner lady" at a Shrine-sponsored roller derby match.

She wrote:
I love secret societies. They amuse me endlessly, with their exclusiveness and special handshakes and antiquated symbology. I suspect they’re all hiding a big fat nothing.
Impressed by the Shrine's philanthropy, I think the writer would like to join the Shrine, but she's a "highly-educated Jewish queer who rides a bike," and suspects Shriners might be a little too conservative to accept her.


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  1. Hey, I'm only Jew"ish"....

    And I enjoyed the roller derby at the Shriner's Hall again this month.


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