Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Watching the watchers watch us: FreemasonryWatch.org updates their website

The anti-Masonic folks over at FreemasonryWatch.org have recently updated their formerly dark and dreary conspiracy-laden homepage of anti-Masonic news. Welcome to the 21st century, guys. Er, well, almost.

Their new site's format appears to be based on the layout of The Drudge Report, the ultra-popular news and opinion site that, to my knowledge, hasn't changed its minimalist layout since its inception back during the Clinton years.

Good job, guys. The new layout is much easier to read.

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  1. OFGS!
    Now if we could only get them to change their content!

    I've been arguing with some Anti's elsewhere on the web, and I've come to wish that Masons were even a tenth as powerful as they imply!

    "Watchy" has an odd mix of things on his site, but like most Anti's, what he posts is a result of intellectual laziness. The same old, same old stuff from them, all the time. Like, in the last 130 years since Pope Leo they can't come up with anything better?


    I honestly wish that they would use their energies in a more productive manner.

    Tom Accuosti
    The Tao of Masonry

  2. Well, Well, Well, it's Tom, Tom the toliet bomb. All that stuff on freemasonry watch is accurate. Freemasonry is a joke as Tao toliet bombs blog spot. You people are sick individuals. They only two things you retards have is the charity thing and the constitution thing. Freemasonry is a joke.

    Andy Anti mason Warhol

  3. Dear anon, its easy to leave a comment as cowardly as yours. I can tell you wrote it in haste. Sorry pal, Freemasonry Watch is the joke. 80% of all so called facts there are completely false.Compiled by
    Someone who has too much time on their hands, or perhaps mommy doesnt love them...
    Seriously, I think its someone who was not accepted by the craft and has grown bitter...

  4. I have recently been banned from discussion on the FW "discussion" board as well as the message board.
    No legitimate reason has been given for this.
    His claim that "Masonic discussion boards ALL hide behind moderators/Tylers" is simply not the case. After all he used to post on alt.freemasonry as Sainty, the racist anti-mason and never had his posts deleted or censored. This imaginary rule that ALL Masonic discussions are Tyled seems to be his justification for censoring and arbitrarily deleting posts that he finds objectionable. Watchy also refuses to say specifically what posts are subject to censorship. Basically if it contradicts anything that he says on his site, it will be snipped.
    As it stands only non-masons (antis) are welcome to discuss freemasonry there at present. I guess all the food for thought I was presenting him was giving him a tummyache. I agree, he is not very smart but he is tenacious.

  5. if freemasonry is such a joke why are you so bothered by it? Its principles are based on charity and fraternity, not some imaginery group of devil worshippers. Grow up you idiots!


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