Thursday, January 11, 2007

Police fatally wound man outside L.A. Masonic lodge

Los Angeles police shot and killed an unarmed man outside a south L.A. Masonic lodge in the early hours Wednesday. A second man, already wounded by gunfire, emerged from the lodge when police arrived, KNBC reported.

The building houses the Mt. Nebo Grand Lodge. About 200 people were attending a party in the lodge building.

At least 50 officers responded to the call of a group disturbance. As they drove up, they heard gunfire, and then shot and killed an unarmed man who walked out of the building with his hands "on his waistband." Chief William Bratton said the case was gang-related.

Officers searched the building and found four guns inside.

Reports have not stated whether the gathering was a Masonic-related function, or if a group was simply using the premises.

According to, Mt. Nebo Grand Lodge is "of Prince Hall origin (National Compact)," but not an official Prince Hall lodge.

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