Monday, January 21, 2008

Ron Paul, Barack Obama lead by wide margins in our presidential primary polls

I'm moving our ongoing Burning Taper presidential primary back to the top of the page, in case there are new readers who may be missing seeing it buried ten articles down.

Moving it to the top again will make it fresh food for Google, too.

This poll has almost as much legitimacy as any other poll you're reading about in the papers. Many "professional" polls have fewer than 800 participants; we're only a magnitude of ten behind that, with (at this writing) 71 people voting in our Democratic primary, and 90 in the Republican primary.

Current results:

Barack Obama is out front in the Democratic field with 39%, followed by John Edwards with 27%, Hillary Clinton with 13%, Dennis Kucinich with 11%, Bill Richardson with 6%, and Mike Gravel with 4%.

In our Republican primary, Ron Paul leads the pack with 48%, with challengers Mike Huckabee at 14%, John McCain and Fred Thompson each at 12%, Mitt Romney at 10%, and Rudolph W. Giuliani barely registering with just 3% of the vote.

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  1. A real, independent candidate is entering the race:

    Let's do something different this election and make a real change! None of the republican or democratic candidates will.


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