Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The 10 most beautiful experiments in the world

As Freemasons, we are taught during the Fellowcraft degree to enlighten our minds by studying the Seven Arts and Sciences: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy and Music.

That's a good start. Some people went a little farther than that, even. Physicists were recently asked to nominate the most beautiful experiment of all time. Here are the top ten winners.
  1. Double-slit electron diffraction

  2. Galileo's experiment on falling objects

  3. Millikan's oil-drop experiment

  4. Newton's decomposition of sunlight with a prism

  5. Young's light-interference experiment

  6. Cavendish's torsion-bar experiment

  7. Eratosthenes' measurement of the Earth's circumference

  8. Galileo's experiments with rolling balls down inclined planes

  9. Rutherford's discovery of the nucleus

  10. Foucault's pendulum

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