Friday, January 27, 2006

"The Masons worship Satan! The Masons worship Satan!"

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

Check out this video from The Resistance Manifesto. A young man wearing sunglasses and an American flag bandana on his head stands in front of a Masonic temple, "or lodge as the members like to call it," he says, holding a huge red pentagram shouting at passersby "the Masons worship Satan! The Masons worship Satan!"

On his website John Conner rants about Mormons, gay marriage and the Illuminati. He's written a book also called The Resistance Manifesto. Apparently he is getting free publicity by phoning call-in talk shows on radio and TV, including Alan Colmes and Larry King, and plugging his book by asking guests, who have included Paris and Kathy Hilton and Depok Chopra if they've read his book. He issued press releases accusing Jessica Simpson of being a Illuminati pawn and accusing President Bush of being a Satanist.

On his website he's also reprinted an article from the Elberton (Ga.) Star about the Georgia Guidestones. He is quoted in the story saying the Guidestones should be smashed because they have a "deep Satanic origin."

He seems to be worried, too, that radio frequency identification devices, or RFID, heralds the arrival of The Mark of the Beast. Weren't they saying that 25 years ago about bar codes on cereal boxes? Sheesh... when is that Beast gonna get here?

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  1. I believe someone has left home without their tin foil hat today. This guy is dangerous because he has just a little bit of knowledge and an overactive imagination! I wonder if that Lodge could sue him for slander or defamation?

    PS- Thanks for the backup on Josh the Baptist's site.

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp
    "Grateful" Gentle-Fellow of the Sublime Craft


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