Saturday, January 07, 2006

Da Debbil's Bidness

I remember standing around the Holy Altar once, leaning on my staff when I was Senior Deacon, during a ritual practice. While the Master was practicing his lines, a Past Master standing near me asked, "Have you read that Da Vinci Code book?"

I said, "Yes. Have you?"

"Naw," he replied. "I ain't gonna read that. It's un-Christian and... it's crazy!"

I recall wondering how he knew so much about something he hadn't read, and then it dawned on me that that is exactly what the anti-Masons think about what we were doing, and they were forming opinions and reaching conclusions without knowledge, understanding or evidence, just as this Brother was doing.


  1. I agree with you on the Brothers issue of an opinion without reading, but O've seen with many of the Anti's, they like to shred our works apart and turn them back on us in a piecemail fashion.

  2. That's a shame, that brother is missing out on a great book. I've read it twice.


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