Friday, January 20, 2006

The drinker you get, the player you are

Brother Greg Stewart over at the Masonic Traveler blog just posted some very amusing paintings of Shriners as 1950's party animals. The artwork is from the collection of Josh "Shag" Angle.

Far from decrying the depiction of Masons / Shriners having a good time, Brother Greg asks if perhaps it is the modern day "looking down on this sort of thing" by American Masons that has made Freemasonry the stodgy old men's coffee and donut club that it has mostly become today. While our brothers around the world celebrate and enjoy each other's company with a Festive Board after meetings ("To the Queen!"), complete with toasts all around, many Grand Lodges in the USA have outlawed the consumption of alcoholic beverages on lodge property.

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