Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Anal-retentive veggie-counting censors run amuck in India, Pakistan and China

The clock of Progress may have slowed in the U.S. during the current administration, but in places like India and Pakistan, it seems the calendars have been reset to 1984.

First we hear that India has banned blogs. Now, Reuters reports that India's neighbor Pakistan has shut down 156 FM radio stations to "stop the spread of religious extremism and anti-state sentiments," a government spokesman said.

And China is so anal-compulsive in controlling everything that they've launched a massive "Know Your Vegetables" campaign for the 2008 Olympics. They plan to track every individual vegetable from field to table in case there is a "safety incident" during the Games.

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  1. Hitler was, reputedly, a vegetarian... Perhaps we could have avoided that whole Holocaust thing by just giving him a big ole red, juicy steak with some A-1 sauce. That'll put anyone in a better mood!



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