Thursday, July 13, 2006

Muslim Conspiracy Theory: What do Freemasonry, Hugh Hefner, punk rock, the Pill, Karl Max, Charles Darwin and international bankers have in common?

I'm not sure what to make of this.

In tomorrow's online edition of the Greater Kashmir newspaper there is an article titled "The Clash of Systems," written by Mumtaz Yaseen Balkhi, a Kashmiri student working on his Doctorate at State Centre for Cell and Gene Therapie, Halle, Germany.

It's a rambling piece of conspiratorial pseudo-history that somehow blames all of the ills of the Muslim world on Freemasonry, Hugh Hefner, punk rock, the birth control pill, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, and the international banking cartel.

If this was tucked away on some conspiracy-nut website, I wouldn't even mention it. But it being written by a doctoral candidate in Germany and published in what appears to be a respectable newspaper in India just begs the question: What exactly does the rest of the world believe?

Image: Hugh Hefner and a few of his girlfriends. You didn't think I'd run a photo of some Muslim woman in a burka when I can run this instead, did you?

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  1. Hugh is da man!!!


  2. Blown out of context and made a Muslim conspiracy theory.
    My write up is not against any one of these you mentioned but a comparison of systems. I hope in future you will be objective and analytical not fastudious.

    Mumtaz Yaseen Balkhi

  3. Mr. Balkhi,

    Thanks for finding us, and writing. We'd like to know more about your ideas.

    Your article we referenced IS rather rambling and all-inconclusive, and does sound a bit conspiratorial. I didn't blow anything out of context; I grasped at air trying to FIND the context or theme of your message.

    In just a few hundred words you blended the "sins of the West" (Hefner, the Pill, Darwin, punk rock, bankers, etc.) with Kaddafi and other Muslim leaders, leaving me scratching my head as to what your real point was.

    As I said, you seem to be an educated and intelligent man, not a crackpot conspiracy-theorist....

    Can you elaborate?

    — W.S.


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