Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Alabama Mason quits Blue Lodge in protest of racial and religious intolerance

Bro. Aaron of the blog Seeker's Observations, recently demitted (resigned) from his Blue Lodge. He had been a Mason less than a year. His open-minded and sincere searching for Masonic truth did not "sit well" with his less enlightened Alabama brethren. Here is the letter he wrote to his lodge to explain why:
I do hereby demit my membership to ___________ Lodge. It is with much sadness that I send this letter, but I cannot with good conscious continue to participate in a system that promotes racial and religious intolerance. Freemasonry is supposed to be a system that promotes tolerance and freedom and will fight the powers of injustice and oppression. My hope is that the current system will learn from its mistakes in the future, reconcile itself with the true goal of Freemasonry, and bring Freemasonry back to its former glory. On its current path, all I see is a road that will ultimately lead to its downfall as the old passes to the new. Younger men as myself are not interested in a social club. We are interested in Freemasonic education, which is not to be found in most lodges.
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  1. It is a shame. Myself and two other brothers attended a prince hall fellow craft degree last night. The education and quality of ritual was superb. The fraternal welcoming and display of fellowship was more than what my two other brothers had ever experienced travelling around our district. The idea that certain states still don't recognize prince hall, and that GL's will still do business with those states is UNMASONIC in it's own right! Universal Brotherhood should be the main goal of all masonry, no matter who one is affiliated with!
    C'mon allready, grow up and join us in the 21st century. The LIGHT is excellent from this view!

  2. TC, I'm just curious - how did you get in? Does PH extend recognition to your GL? Or maybe I'm confused as to which GL you belong to.

  3. yes, the GL of Ohio and the Grand Lodge of Prince Halls of Ohio have been in recognition for about 4 years now. The bodies came together in an event that had our GL do the first half of the MM degree, and the PH GL men did the second section. I would say there was maybe 250+ masons there that day. I happen to get to know one of the Rituakists that day, he works at a place where I have an account. I see this gentleman every day and is old enough to be my father. A DDGM went with me to the last raising and was blown away by the whole experience. Here's a GL edict for you: A prince hall from Ohio is not allowed to meet masonically with a prince hall from florida. Why. GL of Florida does not recognize PH of florida, therefore if the PH's of ohio want to be recognized by my GL, they cannot meet with PH's of Florida! Now what semi intelligent man can accept that "LOGIC"?

    for more on my prince hall experience

  5. All this "recognition" and "clandestine" crap DIVIDES Free-Masons for what reasons???

    I am so SICK and TIRED of hearing these two appeasing words I could throw up!!!!

    ANY and I mean ANY GL jurisdiction that uses these words to "excuse" themselves from any Free-Mason is intolerant and goes against all the precepts of Masonry.

  6. Welcome to the "Dark" side Bro. Aaron!


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