Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Freemasons, Rotarians, Lions on al-Qaida hit lists

Did you know that the Rotary Club was originally purely intended to be a social club, and that some early Rotary Clubs (in the 1910s-20s) required their members to be Masons? And that the name comes from their early practice of rotating the location of meetings between members' places of business? Or that the first Rotary Club's first community service project was to build a public restroom in Chicago?

The Catholic Church once lumped Rotarians in with Masons. In 1928 several Spanish bishops declared that Rotary was "nothing else but a new satanic organization with the same background and teachings of masonry" and deemed it "a suspected organization" that "should be considered as execrable and perverse." Soon afterward the Vatican decreed that Catholic priests could not join Rotary clubs.

And the Muslims don't like any of us, either. (We must be doing something right if two of the three major world religions hate us!) Masonic lodges, Rotary Clubs, and even Lions Clubs are considered "nests of saboteurs and sabotage," according to the Hamas charter and al-Qaida documments found in the homes of Osama bin Laden's associates?

Apparently, when the hoax conspiracy document Protocols of the Elders of Zion was translated into Arabic, it was required reading for Muslim extremists and fundamentalists.

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  1. Hey WS - is that a shopped pic from the Elia Gonzalez debacle?

  2. naw, that is the proof that W was in the National Guard!!!

  3. formalities and technicalities.......
    flight suit/jump suit
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