Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Comet may strike Earth by end of October, Russian astronomer predicts

Here we go again.

Just as the Drudge Report is your source for breaking political stories and "the dingo ate my baby" reports, the Burning Taper has become the place to go for breaking Masonic news and, uh, "comets and asteroids to strike Earth!" yadda-yadda.

The latest report comes from Russia, by way of Pravda, which means, of course, "truth."

Nikolai Fedorovsky, a Russian astronomer, a giant comet may strike the Earth in late October. Other astronomers, of course, believe it's either a mistake or an exaggeration.

You may recall a similar report was issued from French paranoid Eric Julien last spring, when thousands of people believed Comet 73-P would strike the Atlantic Ocean on May 25, causing giant tsunami waves that were predicted to flood the American east coast and much of western Europe and Africa.

We survived that cataclysm, and we got thousands of hits on Burning Taper from people worrying about it ahead of time. We hope once again for both occurrances.

As more and more astronomers study the sky with stronger and stronger telescopes, these worrisome reports may increase, as trajectories of newly discovered objects are not always easy to predict. No matter how many times the Earth survives these boys who cry "wolf!", the next one may be The Big One.

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  1. I'm waiting for Pravda to announce that space dinosaurs are going to strike the planet at any moment!

    You laugh...

  2. Oh no! I need to find a rock to get under!

  3. Man! Looks like I picked a bad time to give up cocaine, alcohol, and womanizing! Geez!!!

    Darren :)


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