Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th: The darkest day for the Knights Templar

Today is Friday, October 13, 2006, the 699th anniversary of the mass arrests of Jacques de Molay and his Knights Templar by French King Phillipe VI and Pope Clement V, which effectively shut down the open operations of the Knights.

Two weeks ago, I had planned to write a great essay on this event, and publish it here today.

I forgot.

Fortunately, Bro. Greg Stewart at the Masonic Traveler didn't forget, and neither did GrouchoGandhi. Both have written great articles on This Dark Day in History. Don't miss them.

"Jacques de Molay, tu es vengé!"

Image: Many people believe the image on the Shroud of Turin is that of Jacques de Molay, not Jesus. The Shroud has been carbon-dated to about the same time as de Molay's death.

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  1. I'm not buying the Lomas-Knight theory of the image being De Molay's no matter how much I like the idea.

    I really find the Lynn-Prince theory that it's an early pinhole camera technique of Da Vinci doing a self-portrait makes the most likely and practical possibility. Hence why it's so unique.

    The Jesus-it's-a-miracle theory, yeah right.

  2. Hmm... it's really Da Vinci's face, huh? Interesting... and I do see the resemblance there to Tom Hanks. Hmm... I smell a SEQUEL!

    — W.S.


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