Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gov. Bob Riley's 'racist' Masonic association again in the national news

The Associated Press just moments ago moved with a story again featuring the charge of Alabama Gov. Bob Riley's association with what has been called the "racist" Grand Lodge of Alabama. It talks about the 1999 episode at their Grand Lodge meeting where Bro. Alex Harris was shouted down for even discussing the idea of white Alabama Masons recognizing black Alabama Masons.

ABC News affiliate WMAR-TV in Baltimore links to the article from their homepage, where the story is titled "Black, white Masons in South struggle with racial separation." Such frontpage coverage indicates it will probably be a featured story on their news programs this evening.

The report also delves into the Grand Lodge of North Carolina vote a few weeks ago, which once again kept that state's white group from recognizing the black group.

It also looks at the recent vote in Delaware, where that state's Grand Lodge finally joined the 20th century and began recognizing their black counterparts.

This story also contains some of the first remarks from black Masons about the race issue in Freemasonry, quoting Arkansas Prince Hall head Cleveland Wilson as saying, "...[W]e're fine without [white Masons]. I'm of the attitude that since they haven't shown any interest, I'm not interested, either."

With the recent movie flap over The Da Vinci Code, the upcoming sequel The Solomon Key, and many other books on Freemasonry and "secret societies," the mass media has been writing more and more stories about Freemasonry. The New York Times recently wrote about the fraternity in its Sunday edition, and countless small newspapers across the country have been writing features and/or printing items on their "society pages" about upcoming meetings and lodge anniversaries, etc.

It's interesting — and hopeful — to see the mainstream media picking up on stories The Burning Taper and other Masonic blogs have been following for several months. It's also good to know that the "Masonry is the last bastion of racism" meme is going to finally get an airing in the national media. Just wait til Jesse Jackson, a Freemason, Al Sharpton, status unknown, and other black national spokesman put the issue on their radar.

Update, Sunday, Oct. 22: Other news outlets apparently saved this AP story for their Sunday editions. The Columbus, Ga., Ledger-Enquirer, for example, ran this story in today's edition.

Update, Monday, Oct. 23: And now the Houston Chronicle has published the AP story, as has Yahoo News.

Update, Monday, Oct. 23, later: I've just received a list of over 40 newspapers, news sites, and television stations that have published the most recent Jay Reeves AP story about racism within Freemasonry, that noble and ancient institution dedicated to universal brotherly love. The world now knows about what we've been telling you here for months, that Freemasonry in the South is the last bastion of institutional racism.

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  1. Y'all just leave us suthner fella's alone...
    we all likes it thisa way down here
    i'ze wish you yankees would leave us alone....
    quit pokin y'all noses in our buzness

  2. That NYT piece really angers me. It really really does. I spent months learning everything about the fraternity that I hold so high, and now one Grand Lodge is, not only doing, but advertising for a one-day treatment for receiving degrees? How is a man supposed to become "better" when he is not put into the position to become better? I am so angry right now, that I could spit.

  3. enjoy the futuristic mindset of our appointed, not elected officials!

  4. I understand the way you feel, Chase's Dad. One day classes for all three degrees? Insane. The West Gate might as well be taken off its hinges, if this is what Freemasonry has become.

    The NYT piece quotes Bro. Savini as saying, "We're still not thinking of it as recruiting or trying to amass people, but I think we've reached a point where we realized that not saying anything isn't making it any easier."

    What IS he thinking of it as, if not trying to get a lot of warm bodies (and their dues) into empty seats?

    — W.S.

  5. When will you people learn!

    Become a Discordian Pope!

    O! Eris! Blessed Mother of Man! Queen of Chaos! Daughter of Discord! Concubine of Confusion! O! Exquisite Lady, I beseech You to lift a heavy burden from these apron-wearing hearts!

  6. The One-Day things are a fad. A few Grand Lodges in other states tried them, so all the other Grand Masters had to try one, too. Conn did two of them about 3 years ago, but I don't see it happening again.

    Chase's Dad, take heart - not all Freemasonry is like that in the few states down south that keep making the news. Virginia is supposed to be a very good state for adherence to good ritual and other work.

    The Sacred Chao of Masonry

  7. Although I came up through Masonry the old school way, with much memorization and standing examinations in open lodge, I am not opposed to the idea of 'one-day Grand Master' classes, but I am of the opinion that these men who come through this way should be given a time period to learn the catechisms and should also be provided the opportunity to be examined in open lodge to thus prove their Masonic proficiency as I, and many who have gone before me, have done.

    I count them as brethren the same as any others, and welcome them to the Fraternity. Statistical results show that where the one-day classes are given, the retention rate of those iniated, passed and raised in one day is as high, if not higher than the retention rate of those who go through the traditional method, and in one Grand jurisdiction upwards of 70% of their currently installed Worshipful Masters are brethren who were made Masons in this manner, so they can learn and become involved too, the proof is in the facts gathered that there is no more proof that those made Masons the traditional way are any more faithful to the Fraternity than those who are made Masons in one-day Grand Master classes. Suprising indeed, but true!


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