Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Irish Masonic lodge bugged; receives recording of their meeting in the mail

Apparently they weren't able to keep out cowans and eavesdroppers. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim in Belfast, one of the "top" lodges in Ireland, recently received a CD from an anonymous source that contained recordings of meetings held in the lodge. The Lodge won't say whether the recordings were of ritual work, general business meetings, or secret, conspiratorial plottings of world domination.

Police have been asked to investigate.

"I can confirm that a matter relating to the Provincial Masonic Hall, 15 Rosemary Street, Belfast has been referred to the PSNI for investigation," said a spokesman for the PSNI (Police Services of Northern Ireland). "At present we have nothing further to add."

An unnamed spokesman for the lodge said the lodge members were "shocked" that their lodge meeetings could be bugged.

"Everybody is mystified why anyone would want to do this. We are a charitable organisation," he said.

Belfast Today
Belfast Telegraph

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  1. Recording lodge proceedings via bug and then sending it to them. Wow. There are better, easier, far more exciting ways to get our secrets than that.

  2. There are dozens of websites and books with various degree rituals readily available.

    Perhaps the room was bugged so the listeners could learn the plans for the next Masonic picnic? An attempt to steal the secret barbecue sauce recipe?

  3. damn... they probably heard who really killed kennedy!!


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