Sunday, February 11, 2007

What will future historians think of the Freemasonry-NASCAR partnership?

The Discovery Channel will tonight (Sunday, Feb. 11, 9 pm ET) feature its program Secret History of the the Freemasons.

Perhaps the show has been updated to reflect Scottish Rite Masonry's 'bizarre' sponsorship of NASCAR.

After all, it is now part of the history of Freemasonry, and there is still a lot of secrecy behind the idea. Whether it turns out to be a public relations coup or a public relations nightmare, it's odd to realize that forevermore, when the history of Freemasonry is discussed, NASCAR will be a part of it. Yes, children... many mystical, thoughtful, deep-thinking movers on the world stage were Freemasons, men like Elias Ashmole, Isaac Newton, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Harry Truman, and of course, Brian Conz, world-famous driver of Scottish Rite's #34 Monte Carlo.

I understand that already in some Masonic jurisdictions, the Green Flag, traditionally used to signify the start of a race, will become part of the lodge room furniture, and will be hung from one of the two columns that greet the new candidate as he enters from the Preparation Room, and that the Checkered Flag will now drape the Holy Altar where he takes his obligations.

And of course the G will be replaced by a 3.

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  1. my wife and I were laying in bed and saw that the show was going to be on, it is old news already. It held no appeal to me and it held no appeal to my wife. This show has been aired how many times now?

    The sure way to ruin something is to try and jam it down ones throat.

    Freemasonry and marketing?

    when your members are morally corrupt, one turns to the media to spin a different face.....
    too bad are members aren't the advertisement for the frat...
    but fundamentalist christians and racists are appealling to less and less these days.

  2. I'd never seen the program, but since it had a 2007 date on it, I assumed this was a new one. It may have been — it showed the ever-present Bro. Brent Morris, but this time included his "Freemasonry for Complete Idiots" credit.

    The show, alas, was for complete idiots. They spent 9/10 of the show going "woo, the Masons are gonna get ya," relying heavily on the fear factor of death by repeatedly referring to the 1982 P2 incident of the dead man hanging from the bridge, and to the 2004 accidental shooting death in a New York lodge.

    They also made a big deal out of showing "actual" rituals.

    In the final segment of the show, they went through all the things they had built up throughout the program, and said, "no, never happened" to each of them.

    All in all, there was little information about Freemasonry; they just played on fear and repeated lots of the same ol' myths about Jack the Ripper, etc.

    — W.S.


  4. I thought everyone looked pretty in their fancy aprons.

  5. I thought the show was a hoot. They wasted lots of time and energy creating all this "disturbing" drama, then dismissed it with a wave in the last reel.

    Meanwhile, they didn't bother exposing the secret of how they found that one woman "Mason" they showed only once, so matter of factly you'd think women were a natural part of the Brotherhood.

    — W.S.

  6. I really wish Mr. Tubalcain420 could visit some of same Lodges in the South that I have visited. The Brothers in many of these Lodges are perfect advertisements for Masonry.

    When nothing negative can be said about an organization or a person, the race card can always be played. Quit focusing on the negative and if you are a true Mason, first change yourself from within and then try to change the things that you disagree with in the fraternity.

    If you feel that fundamentalist christians and racists are ruining the lodges, then guard the inner door of your Lodge more closely.

  7. I'm doubled fisted with swords at our west gate brother...
    we had some racist, christian fundamenatlists in our lodge up north, that have been ran off, and harmony is now growing within our ranks. Than you for the advice, my lodge is doing well, it is the rest who perpetuate the religious and race intolerance and use masonry as their banner of righteousness.


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