Sunday, February 25, 2007

Where was the Scottish Rite's car yesterday in the Stater Bros. 300?

I readily admit to not being a NASCAR fan. I've only been following it the last few weeks to see what is going on with the Scottish Rite Racing Team.

After a lot of noise made by the Scottish Rite in January about its sponsorship of driver and Masonic brother Brian Conz and Frank Cicci Racing, the SR's announced plans don't seem to be working out.

Driver Conz has yet to be approved by NASCAR to drive in this year's Busch Series, yet the websites and still proudly proclaim that he is the sponsored driver.

Prior to the Orbitz 300 Busch Series race on Feb. 17, it was announced that Mike Bliss would substitute for Conz, driving the Scottish Rite car. A last minute replacement for Bliss, driver Steve Grissom, actually drove in the race, finishing in 25th place.

Earlier this week, online reports at and showed that Grissom again would pilot the Mason Mobile.

I didn't watch the race yesterday, but I did check the statistics this morning. indicates that Grissom did not drive in the Stater Bros. 300 in California. I can find no indication that the Frank Cicci/Scottish Rite car was even in the race.

Car #34, which previously was the Scottish Rite car, was driven by Jay Sauter, and sponsored by Amsoil. He finished in 28th place in a field of 41 cars.

I'd be very interested to hear from any Scottish Rite officials who can tell us what, exactly, is going on with this whole NASCAR sponsorship thing. The regular Scottish Rite website hasn't mentioned its NASCAR sponsorship at all in well over 10 days, not since before the Orbitz 300. Are you going to race or not? Is Bro. Conz ever going to drive? Why do the official websites still proudly boast of Bro. Conz's Masonic credentials, when he has yet to drive in the Busch Series? Why hasn't the Scottish Rite updated its website to keep Freemasons current? You'd think after making such a hoo-ha in January over their NASCAR sponsorship, the SR would be doing a little more to promote it and to keep its supposed base of interest, fellow Freemasons, informed.

Maintaining websites proclaiming Conz as the driver when he (or anyone, as in yesterday's race) isn't actually driving kind of pushes the envelope on one of Freemasonry's basic tenets: "Truth."

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  1. I found an answer to the question about when Conz will drive for Cicci at:

    This is the most updated and accurate information I have been able to locate.

  2. Thank you for that link, Edgar.

    And the final sentence clarifed a lot of things: "The car is without sponsorship at California, as the deal with Scottish Rite is with Conz."

    — W.S.


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