Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NASCAR, Michael Richards, and reality

A new blog called Scottish Rite Nascar Freemasons: The Bogus Self-Proclaimed Freemasons has popped up in the last few months decrying the NASCAR sponsorship as evidence the Scottish Rite has blatantly turned their backs on their stated Creed, which says:
"Human progress is our cause, liberty of thought our supreme wish, freedom of conscience our mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere our ultimate goal."
A February 5th post states that there will be a protest rally held at the House of the Temple (HOTT) in Washington, D.C., but no date or other information has been forthcoming.

Another article
on this blog has also re-focused attention on Scottish Rite 33rd degree brother Michael Richards with a story about his refusal to attend a "mock trial" over his racial outburst last fall.

I applaud Bro. Richards for refusing to attend. What kind of lunacy would that be? It's simply "anti-publicity" by attorney Gloria Allred.

Bro. Richards has already been tried in the court of public opinion, or actually, in the press, which these days pretty much tells us without asking us what "public opinion" should be on any particular issue. He doesn't need to be berated for it in a "non-binding" mock trial which only serves to drum up publicity for Gloria Allred and the "aggrieved" patrons who should "just get over it." If Richards had gone on a tear about "kikes" or "beaners," you can bet those offended black people would have been laughing out loud.

The "trial" was scheduled for last weekend, and there is probably more news on it I haven't seen [Read E! News update from Saturday, Feb. 17, here]. A spokesman said the "trial" would go on, with or without Michael Richards.

One of the three "judges" who was to have presided over this joke of a "trial," Armand Arabian, a former California Supreme Court justice, said last week, "The use of racial epithets and labeling people in a racial way is a very relevant issue today. It's instructive for the public to have a view of what this is like for someone who is a recipient" of racial insults. Sounds like Justice Arabian has already made up his mind, doesn't it?

Part of the tribunal's job was to determine how best Bro. Richards could "mend his ways."

Why am I railing against this? No, it's not because I particularly agree with what Richards said in that nightclub last fall.

It's because I particularly DISAGREE with the existence of a kangaroo court, played out in the media (the public itself is not welcome — there were no seats for you or me). It's not just a mock trial, it's a mockery of our legal traditions.

Yeah, I know, Judge Judy and The People's Court and other television judges have made a mockery of the judicial system for years, but at least all the people involved in those "cases" agreed to be there, and got paid, or got their fines paid, by the producers of the programs. We know it's entertainment, not justice.

If we're going to drag Bro. Richards through something "not real," why not push for and televise a Masonic trial over his unmasonic actions? It may not be "real" to most Americans, either, but to Masons, who voluntarily placed themselves under such a jurisdiction, it would be real enough.

And it would show what Freemasonry is really about, at least better than sponsoring a freakin' race car does.

On a related note, if an anti-political correctness tirade about race and mascot names is in fact a related note, be sure to read Patrick's "Mascot Madness" at The Pagan Temple.

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  1. Thanks for the link. Just so you know, I HATE Gloria Allred. Michael Richards has paid his dues, leave the man alone, this is nothing but publicity mongering for Allred and her point of view. These are the kinds of people that purport to love the law, the constitution, and freedom of speech, just except for those parts they don't agree with.

    I must say, I still don't see what the problem is with the Nascar sponsorship, but then again I'm not a Mason.

  2. He should have kept his mouth shut.
    The fact he is a SR poster boy he should have thought about it before be spouted raical slurs. He sounds like an Alabama or Georgia Mason.

    He hung himself.

  3. He should have kept his mouth shut.
    The fact he is a SR poster boy he should have thought about it before be spouted raical slurs. He sounds like an Alabama or Georgia Mason.

    He hung himself.


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