Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ron Paul on Jay Leno

As I'm sure you know, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, the Republican presidential candidate, was excluded from Fox News' "Fair and Balanced" debate Sunday night, despite his respectable showing in last week's Iowa caucuses.

Paul's campaign has recently set records with its phenomenal fundraising. Paul decided to spend some of that money putting on a town hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire, while the Fox debate was going on.

NBC talk show host Jay Leno invited Ron Paul onto his show Monday night. Leno called Paul's exclusion from the Fox debate "blatantly unfair."

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  1. Ron Paul is perhaps the most consistent person to ever run for any position, anywhere. He has been spouting the same message for over 2 decades it seems.

    He has all of my support, and I see him as the only real candidate... which means he probably doesn't have a chance in hell.

  2. Dang, I thought I had bookmarked a site for you, WS.

    It was a survey listing the % of people who preferred to have a beer with which candidate. Last I saw, Obama was in the lead with over 25%, and Paul followed with 15%.

    I wanted to save that and email it to you, but it might be on another PC.

  3. Ron Paul is my idol!

    How could you not want him in the White House


  4. I post this here not to suggest Paul is not a good candidate, but further light on Paul indicates possible racism and bigotry. I cannot support that, but here is the link. Let people judge for themselves:


  5. A.A.-

    The claims of racism/bigotry have been addressed and shown to be false. Those who bring it up have an agenda.


  6. Perhaps, but as has rightfully been mentioned here before everyone has an agenda. The writings in Paul's magazines were at least known to him and are in spots of a particularly racist and bigoted nature. If nothing more, it certainly dampens his chances, and politics are rough that way.


  7. The anti-masonic site FreemasonryWatch.org has a thread on its forum pointing here (to this article), saying that Ron Paul is a Freemason and that we're all in this big conspiracy with the Bilderbergers and Southern Baptists.

    They also say that Paul's crossing of his arms and his ankles at various times during his interview with Leno, plus the final handshake with Leno, prove that Ron Paul is a Mason. Now how come if I'm a part of this vast Masonic conspiracy I didn't get the memo about the secret ankle-crossing to ID yourself as a Mason?

    Unfortunately, a different conspiracy has arisen, wherein a shadowy group known as the National Broadcasting Corporation, or NBC, has claimed ownership of Leno's Tonight Show, and has invoked some weird alien concept of, let me see if I have this right, uh, copyright, that's it, and had the clips we had linked to here pulled from YouTube.

    More proof that Paul is a Mason, the anti's said, can be found in the fact that he won The Burning Taper's poll with 54% of the votes!

    Ack! Conspiracy!

    — W.S.


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