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We all shine on: D.W. Brown

Bro. D.W. Brown, who runs the "The Blue Lodge" online forum, tells us about himself in this our 14th glimpse into the lives of our readers in the series "This is Who I Am." Thanks for writing, Bro. Brown!

Fraternal Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Brother D. W. Brown and I reside in the United States of America. I officially became a Freemason just over two years ago, but thanks to my father, also a Freemason, and in my heart, I have been a Freemason all my life.

I was a member of the U.S. Air Force during the first Gulf War and accumulated approximately 2500 hours flying cargo and troops between the U.S., Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. I also flew on many humanitarian relief missions all over the world during my almost six years of service. I began my civilian career as a Systems Engineer in the early 90s and worked for many companies including General Electric, AutoZone and CIGNA Healthcare. Currently, I am the Chief Executive Officer for a pharmaceutical research company.

I began my official Masonic journey late in life, mainly because I did not live near my father for much of my 20s and 30s. My wish was to have my father take part in my joining but unfortunately by the time I returned home, my father was not physically able. Although, he was aware of my doing so before his death, which meant the world to me.

If I can sum up the teachings of my father, in just a couple of words, it would have to be that he taught me to always be a Man of honor. This to him meant, to always keep your word, when given, and to always do what you knew in your heart to be honorable.

My Masonic travels during the past two years have been a roller coaster of highs and lows. I first joined a mainstream Blue Lodge located in Alabama and quickly passed my first three degrees, being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in just three months. Shortly afterwards, I joined the Scottish Rite and in a mere 10 hours was bestowed with my 32°.

After joining, I quickly began to see that the Freemasonry I had joined lacked many of the qualities that I had dreamed of growing up. I saw and still see blatant racism, corruption and a lack of basic democracy, even within the local lodges, not to mention the mainstream Grand Lodges. I could not, in good conscience, stand by and let this fester any longer. Given my background in technology and the voice that the Internet affords all free people, I made the decision to start The Blue Lodge and fight to bring back the Freemasonry that had been lost.

After beginning my personal crusade to correct many of the injustices I saw, I found out to my delight I was not alone. I found a group of Brothers to which I could not only truly meet on the level but I could aspire to become like. I found a group of Brothers who against all odds banded together, in the tradition of our forefathers, to take on a monolithic system that had hijacked our Freemasonry. I found intellectual and stimulating conversations and a passion to do the right thing, no matter the cost, I was finally home. Today I stand shoulder to shoulder with these Brothers, as the Founding Fathers did so many years ago, to take back what rightfully belongs to the just and upright Mason, our HONOR.

— Bro. D.W. Brown

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  1. Bro. Brown,

    I was moved by the story of your journey.

    Having been raised in rual Louisiana, I undestand the challenges an enlightened Southern faces every day.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. "To always keep your word, when given, and to always do what you knew in your heart to be honorable."

    So mote it be.

  3. I am a mason in Michigan. I understand what you are saying about being frustrated by what masonry has become and how it is viewed by the public at large. I too am tired of the racism, back-biting and bully-pulpiting that occurs in our lodge and the lodges in our area.
    However, I have seen some changes recently and I have faith that many of us have started to work toward improving the fraternity from what it has eroded to. So stay strong brother. You are not alone.

  4. Well said brother. We will prevail. Nobody said it would be easy, and we don't want it easy anyway. We want it right, and it will be

  5. I just love the passion in this Brother. I can so relate, and in my own way hope to bring back the honor of this noble brotherhood.

  6. Admirable passion indeed.

    Sad though, that he has taken this passion and turned it into a means to dupe people into joining the GOofUS. Having estableshed a regular looking website, he draws in unsuspecting victims who are looking at joining the Fraternity, then directs them to this fly by night organisation.

    Even more sad, he does this while representing himself as a 32 degree regular Master Mason. Though, ironically, he cannot be verified as existing as a member in his Grand Lodge.

    You can find out more here:

    This is a forum for regular Freemason, by Regular Freemasons.

    Seek the truth, and be liberated.

  7. Bro aurtur peterson is a cross dressing Tranny!

    Check under his apron

    no 2 balls and a cane

  8. Bro. Peterson:

    It has been nearly three weeks since the Taper began its "We all shine on" features, and we've heard nothing from you until now. You are welcome to send in your own "This is who I am" essay.

    I'm sure we could learn more about your thoughts and opinions and why you despise those who think differently than you do through a well-written essay than we can through your selective monkey turd-droppings with which you intend to discredit a good brother.

    — W.S.

  9. Brother DW,
    it was a pleasure to have fellowship with you a year ago.
    You are a stand up man and mason, let alone a veteran, and this little dousche bag wants to "debase" you?

    It is a tell tale sign of what is left out there "representing" Freemasons. Name calling, character assasinating and propaganda!

    hey Petey?,
    who do you plan attracting with such venom?
    Your nasty dispostition is a reflection of "your" masonry!

    Better to be a solid man and a clandestine mason, than a "regular" mason with no morals or scruples!

    Good luck with the monkey poop and your passions to "out" non regular masons.

    What a TOOL you are.......

  10. W.S.

    It didn't say I despised those who think differently. I only posted to inform Brethren who they were dealing with. It is no big secret. They can find out for themselves by visiting his web site,, and various other web destinations.

    If you consider alerting Brothers that a fraud is in their midst to be "selective monkey turd-droppings", thats just too bad. I am not telling anyone to formulate any opinion, just warning them to be ware. Is that not the Brotherly thing to do?

    As to discrediting a "Good Brother", well that is a matter for extensive debate best left for other arenas.

    Apparently the only opinions you'd like to see here are your own, so I will leave you to them.

  11. Peter son states"If you consider alerting Brothers that a fraud is in their midst to be "selective monkey turd-droppings", thats just too bad."

    WHo are you to determine what a fraud is?

    He was raised just like you, so are you a fraud?
    Petey, the care taker of freemasonry, what a post for you!

    Who handed you that mantle?

    Ed "burger" King?

    That guys eaten to many whoppers!
    But so have you because yu 'll believe anything spwewed to you, as long as it is a regular, immoral mason, right?

    Get a grip Petey...........

  12. All Freemasons are the caretakers of Freemasonry, and we are all Free in conscience and mind. We are Free to express our opinion about potential fraud in and out of Freemasonry.

    "yu 'll believe anything spwewed to you, as long as it is a regular, immoral mason, right?"

    NO. Absolutely not. In that case, we are less required to take 'anything spewed to us' by an 'irregular, immoral mason'.

    I have no problem with D.W., but when I see terms such as 'little dousche bag' being handed out liberally against regular masons. I ask you,
    'who do you plan attracting with such venom?'

    Does 'your nasty dispostition is a reflection of "your" masonry!' Alcyon's brother? Certainly, Arthur might have posted information, as we are Free to do within the dictates of our Freedom of conscience. The readers have the right to disagree or agree as they see fit.

    It would have been nice to see this thread continue on more amiable terms, which is partially why I have been missing from this blog. Guess it wasn't my presence that disrupted the 'peace and harmony' that prevailed on this blog.

    For my part, I respect your journey DW. I love my own, and will not falter nor fail if it be within me to survive, and with the aid given me by my brothers.

  13. Peterson,

    "... he has taken this passion and turned into a means of duping people..."

    Are you inferring that new Masons are so gullible that they are in need of a self appointed protector to direct their thoughs for them?

    "...I only posted to inform Brethren who they are dealing with."

    Or are you saying the Brethren are not intelligent enough to discern the truth for themselves?

    It would seem to me you have a personal bone to pick with Bro. Brown and are taking this opportunity to try to discredit him in a public forum.

    As a result you have succeeded in insulting a broad cross-section of the Masonic community.

    You truly have informed Brethren "who they are dealing with."

  14. And this is why I will not introduce myself.

    Happy New Year WS and the rest. Keep up the great articles and posts. I learn something new every day.


  15. There are many different kinds of Freemasonry around the world. American Masonry has been isolated for almost two centuries. As these different forms of Freemasonry propagate from Europe some American Masons feel threatened by them. This is a normal psychological reaction to the unknown.

    Bro. Peterson feels a need to label and categorize others in order to deal with his own internal fears and prejudices. The same can be said of Ed King. It's a sad but very real situation.

    Over time the true cosmopolitan spirit of Freemasonry will overcome these fears and brotherhood will prevail.

    Until that time all good Masons should try to understand this situation for what it is and avoid adding fuel to these un-brotherly and un-Masonic actions of the few.

    May brotherly love heal all the wounds between all Masons.

  16. mr. peterson you should be remined calling someone a fraud in print is a good way to end up in court.

    I think its called slander....

  17. I suspect it is not true that the situation has been the same in America for 2 centuries. Lest we forget many other Masonic organizations have existed in America since at least the early 1900s, not to mention Masonic off-shoots like the KC and the Elks.

  18. Brothers,

    I assure you I am a "regular" Mason, although probably not for long, if peterson has his way. I had hoped I was done with peterson but seems he likes to follow me around the Internet on some personal crusade to discredit me and bolster his web site. That is fine, I prefer to deal in facts, so that being said let me put this “clandestine”, “irregular” question to bed once and for all. You can view my current F&AM dues card from my lodge, Azalea 898 located in Mobile Alabama at this link.

    peterson was a member of my web site and I thought, even though we disagreed on many topics, we were getting to the point we could have healthy debates. I had a user show me an email that peterson had sent to them privately, in which he was telling them I was clandestine bla bla bla, same stuff he was doing above. I banned his account and he headed over to another forum on the Internet where he thought his “Brothers” would support what he had done, but alas they did not. He admitted to them that he had been doing this for approximately a year behind my back. See the link below for proof and if they remove the post there, which they do quite often, I can post the backups on my web site for you to view, if necessary.

    I do not hide the fact that I am disappointed in mainstream Masonry here in the U.S. and I wish we were more like our “Modern” brothers around the world. It is just such antics like his that reinforce those feelings in me and make me want to fight that much harder.

    So peterson, I’m here to tell you right now, I AM requesting Masonic charges be brought against you through your lodge. I hate that it has come to this but I can only stand by and let you toss crap at me for so long before I toss it right back and buddy you just crossed that line.

  19. Brother Dale,

    Like you, I can see improvements necessary in the craft. Assuming you are in an area that does not yet recognize PHA, I hope this will change soon. Our area is one of the majority of American GLs that do, and I am quite pleased that we now do so. I am of the hope we can see PHA recognition across the board, as many great Freemasons were African American (such as Louis Armstrong.).

    I do understand the consternation many are suffering on both sides of the coin. Putting aside the judgments from side-to-side seems likely the only way to come into agreement.

    I wish you would not bring charges against Arthur in his own lodge, but rather give him good and wholesome council if you feel wronged. If you cannot meet on the level and part upon the square, perhaps there are less drastic measures where you might find new usages for the working tools. Please consider these words not informed by a knowledge of your previous discussions with brother Arthur.

  20. Anagram Anonymous, I welcome your council and I probably would be a better Master Mason if I heeded them.

  21. you da man AA
    bro dale, stay vigilant
    petey gives ALL masons a bad name

  22. I don't know the situation fully. Act for the good of Masonry is all I can suggest. I feel that the brother is doing as he feels is right, as are you. I hope brotherhood is not lost where it might be retained.

  23. Mr. Brown,

    I stand behind my words and my actions.

    If you are in fact a regular Mason, you are doing an extreme disservice to the craft with your forum. You actively promote "Moderns" which does not exist except as a concept invented by Jeff Peace and the GOofUS, and denounce "Antients" which is code word on your forum for regular Freemasonry.

    Do what you have to do, as I continue to do what is right.

    Br. Arthur Peterson

  24. Bro. Arthur -

    Do you think that we can all let this go for a while? Nobody likes the idea that some of the regular lodges split off; the brothers splitting off have been continually expressing their dissatisfaction with the mainstream GLs, and the mainstreams have responded in kind, and this has gone on for the last two years.

    If you don't like Bro. Dale's forums, then by all means make your own forum a beacon of light. I would love to see yet another good forum where Masons can discuss events and situations and learn from each other.

    You've often shown tolerance, brotherhood, and a willingness to admit when you're wrong or mistaken. Don't spoil that by taking potshots at others.

  25. Bro. Peterson,

    The Moderns have existed since 1717. The Grand Orient of France openly claims to be "Modern" because they received their Charter/Patent from the Grand Lodge of London which became known as the "Moderns".

    Bro. Peace, as a historian, merely pointed out this fact, and that the there were significant philosophical differences between the Antients and the Moderns.

    You may wish to see the Moderns as clandestine but they pre-dated the existence of your system of Masonry and are the oldest form of speculative Freemasonry.

  26. Petey States:" Do what you have to do, as I continue to do what is right"

    Pol Pot and Stalin thought they were doing "right" as well.

    So did Osama..
    Your statement holds no weight.

    Check your righteousness at the door..........

  27. It truly saddens me every time I see the words "irregular or clandestine" used when they refer to either the Antient or Modern Masons. We should look to the strengths of each other and build to a common goal. I cannot say that the Antient version is better or the Modern version is better, really. They are different and that is ok, as long as they can meet, discuss ideas and work together.

    I am familiar with both, an expert of neither, but I see positives in both. Maybe I'm a non-conformist by nature, which has served me well so far, or maybe I just expect too much out of my fellow man or woman. I don't expect a utopia world were it would be boring, remember the non-conformist in me, but I do expect Brothers and Sisters to live up to some basic principles.

    I expect that when we shake each others hand and give our word, that neither will have to worry about our agreement, it will be honored. I expect that when a Brother or Sister is in distress we all come to their relief, no matter the danger. I expect the secrets between Brothers and Sisters to remain that way, no matter what. I expect mutual respect and courtesy, no matter what the ideological, religious, or even palatable difference may be. I expect to be able to show a weakness and ask for help without ridicule, distain and Totalatarism greeting me in return. Most of all I expect my Freedom, my Freedom from oppression, my Freedom of thought and the Freedom to live my life, as I see fit. For this, I will ensure to always do the same to my fellow Brothers and Sisters. With these basic principles followed by all the Masons, Antient and Modern, we could have such a beautiful and rich fraternity life ahead of us.

    If we are truly honorable men, we will not allow the intolerable use of clandestine and irregular to separate us. Instead we should open our minds and gravitate towards each other, all the while mutually respecting each other, as we pass.

    -- Your Humble and Resolute Brother
    Dale Brown, 32°

  28. Well Jeff Peace, also seems to think that as an institution the ancients were Gnostic Christians, and that statement just isn't supported by facts. As for the Grand Orient receiving a charter from the premier GLOE, I have never seen that either. It is far more likely that the ancients (who had some Jacobite tendencies)had more influence on the development of French Freemasonry. During the late 1600's on through the 1st half of the 1700's Scotland had a closer relationship to France than England did, and this can be seen in the craft through the introduction of the Scottish Master Degree.
    Moderns and ancients reconciled their differences in 1813. Their ritual was revised around 1824. Any group that calls themselves moderns or ancients can say they continue the ideals of those particular movements, but they can't claim to be an actual unbroken line stemming from one group or the other. At least without documentary evidence.
    If they are intent on practicing pre- 1717 masonry, then they should only be using 2 degrees at the most and Hiram would be absent. Their tradition would more than likely revolve around old father Noah, Shem, Ham and Japeth.
    Personally, I have no problem with the GODF, I see them as a legitimately existing offshoot of Masonry, one with a history as rich as that of the UGLE but as an F&AM mason I have taken an Oath and Obligation, that precludes me from dealing with them as Masons.

  29. Brother Badger,
    thank you for the history lesson.
    We all remember that any history for the public is written by the victors. So, I appreciate your view and presentation, but as always there is two sides minimum to any story.

    Pre UGLE 1813, I do not believe the rule of making no additions or subtractions to "freemasonry" unless blah blah blah....

    So, if a body has a claim to pre-1813, they would be working the 3 degree system by then, and the progression of 2 to 3 degrees is a legitimate one, so working the 3 degree system is not reason to claim pre 1813 UGLE lineage.....

    the rigidness of the 1813 "unification" was the stagnation of Freemasonry, coupled with the Morgan Affair and later into the 1800's the division ofmore masonry with the petty recognition game. Money, territory, jursidictional rule, politics and titles, became the status quo, whwere the esoteric, enlightenment minds got pushed out and joined other esoteric groups or started their own.

    America, land of the Free, Free Market, capitalism, friendly competition.

    we are not at war anymore..
    our lives DO NOT depend on masonic associations and whether or not a man from LDH sits in a Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Tenn. It would also not kill you Badger if you sat in Lodge with a Prince Hall mason either!
    Even though your Grand Lodge refuses Prince Hall recognition(do not deflect it back the Prince Halls either, this is about your GL),
    UGLE recognises the Prince Halls, so if your lineage takes you to UGLE and you adhere to their rules......

    Why do you go along with racial division within Freemasonry?
    Is that an old Antient tradition that you forgot to shed while we all Travelled into the future?

    Racism has no place in masonry..

  30. I actually agree with you about Prince Hall, but the change can only come from the inside of these jurisdictions.
    One thing you seem to forget. You are subject to the jurisdiction you belong to. I do not adhere to the rule of the UGLE, I have to conform to the rules of TN. I do not agree with all of these decisions but there are processes for change. At one time, no regular Grand Lodge in America recognized Prince Hall. Change is coming. The way I understand it no Prince Hall will recognize a lodge under any of the Orients, or Le Droit. Not because of a racial issues, but because those lodges are seen as irregular.
    Remember this is an OLD instituiton, and despite everyone's complaints there is a reason people want to be associated with masonry. Instead of splintering this fraternity further people must work for change from within or it will never happen. Abandoning the promises you've made to yourself and to the brothers who welcomed you in just shows bad character, and is proof that brothers aren't learning the lessons taught by the degrees.
    If you believe that Masonry stems from the Stonemason guilds, then you have to understand the reason why the guilds were there in the 1st place. If starting your own branch of the craft was perfectly legitimate then there would be no need for the story of H.A.B. because J. J. and J. would have just started their own club.

    I'm not sure I understand you when you say:

    " We all remember that any history for the public is written by the victors."

    I don't see who are the victors or the losers. Moderns and Ancients united, thats why some lodges are AF&AM and others are just F&AM.
    Second most of the history you can find on Masonry isn't exactly spelled out. Any historian worth his salt would know that you can't just take Mackey's word on it, but you have to find all the sources you can on a given subject and suss out the truth for yourself using logic and reason. This includes reading the history of Masonry in France, Germany Switzerland etc.
    I also do not understand what you mean when you say:

    "Pre UGLE 1813, I do not believe the rule of making no additions or subtractions to "freemasonry" unless blah blah blah....

    So, if a body has a claim to pre-1813, they would be working the 3 degree system by then, and the progression of 2 to 3 degrees is a legitimate one, so working the 3 degree system is not reason to claim pre 1813 UGLE lineage....."

    I agree that the addition of the 3rd degree is not only legitimate but also a poetic addition to the craft, but I said pre 1717 not pre 1813.

    The reason that craft work became rigid was a practical one. Modes of recognition are of no use if they are not kept constant and consistent. Keep in mind that this was an age when the only way to know a brother was by his word, grip, etc. If they aren't the same from place to place, you might as well belong to a fishermans guild.

    You are right, Masonry got too political during the 20th century, it got too big and alot of brother forgot where they came from. But the real question is...what are we doing about it.

    Joining some group like the Grand Orient of America or whatever won't help, because not only will you not be recognised by UGLE or any regular American Grand Lodge, but they won't be recognised by any Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Swiss Alpine, Italy, Germany, the majority of South American Grand Lodges, Grand Lodge of Israel, or Jordan.
    And by the way you are welcome for the history lesson, it's something alot of people online forget.

  31. On a side note, there seems to be alot of anger and malice wrapped up in your comments and your profile, T Ron. You speak of enlightened minds, and not to insult you, but I have yet to see it. Remember your four Cardinal Virtues.

  32. "Joining some group like the Grand Orient of America or whatever won't help, because not only will you not be recognised by UGLE or any regular American Grand Lodge, but they won't be recognised by any Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Swiss Alpine, Italy, Germany, the majority of South American Grand Lodges, Grand Lodge of Israel, or Jordan." - Badger

    Thankfully all of the above is true. Grand Orient Masons don't have to deal with all the nonsense, pettiness and corruption in the above mentioned organizations.

    It's like a breath of fresh air. :-)


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