Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Working Tools: New social networking site for Freemasons

Bro. Cory Sigler is the publisher of the impressive online magazine The Working Tools.

In the October issue, he said of this blog: "The Burning Taper is both the National Enquirer and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart of Freemasonry.... You'll get hooked soon enough, even if it boils your blood at first."

I like that. Now that The Daily Show is back on the air, without writers, we'll see how apropos the comparison remains....

Bro. Cory has recently unveiled his latest Masonic project, a social networking site. If you enjoy the networking scene, be sure to visit his site and make some new Masonic friends.

Bro. Cory is currently Senior Warden of Hawthorne Fortitude Lodge No. 200 in Ramsey, New Jersey.

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  1. Masonic social networking?

    Bah! They didn't have none of that back in my year!

    Tom Accuosti

  2. We did some research into other social networks; perhaps because it is very new, this one did not come up; http://masonicmedia.blogspot.com/2011/11/freemasons-and-social-networks.html


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