Friday, January 04, 2008

We all shine on: David Rafalski

A new Masonic blogger, Bro. David Rafalski of Texas, writes in to say "This is who I am." Thanks, brother.

Dear Widow's Son,

My name is David Rafalski. I was initiated into Masonry 6-11-07 and Raised to MASTER MASON on 11-12-07. I am a MASON. I wanted to become a Mason for several years. I knew my father in-law was and it was out of respect for him and the craft, I waited until my mind and heart were at a place that I could undergo such a great honor. I wake every morning and am thankful that I have put my self in a place of constant learning and personal growth. I have been so taken by all the wealth of information and knowledge that is contained within my Lodge. The elder brethren open my eyes and heart every time I attended. But, yet this is only the beginning for me. I plan to take in all the knowledge I can and apply it to my everyday life and to the lives of those around me and with who I may come in contact. I have started my own blog site Texas Mason and hope to communicate to other brothers in a friendly, open minded, brotherly love format.

I want to teach! I want to learn! I want to be every part of what it means to be a MASON.

— Bro. David Rafalski

To submit your own "This is Who I Am" essay, read this. You do not have to be a Mason; all readers are welcome!

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  1. Thanks for the post Bro. Widow. Love your site keep up the great WORK


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