Sunday, March 09, 2008

Burglar caught red-handed in California lodge

Neighbors heard the sound of breaking glass coming from the Willits, California Masonic lodge in the early hours of last Monday morning, it was reported.

Police arrived, and believing a prowler to still be inside the building, shouted out a warning that they were about to turn loose a police dog inside the building.

Micheal Jay Overholt, 25, of Willits, stepped out of a closet and surrendered without incident.

He was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon, vandalism, possession of stolen property and burglary in the second degree. According to police, Overholt had several items from within the building and a pair of illegal double-edged fixed blade knives about 6-1/2 inches long in his possession when taken into custody.

No one has ever accused criminals of necessarily being smart, but this one strikes me as especially stupid.

There he is, caught like a rabbit, but given the opportunity to walk out on his own. Seems to me he would have hidden the knives and dropped the loot. Quite possibly, without those things "in his possession" when he surrendered, he might possibly have only been charged with vandalism, breaking and entering, and perhaps burglary, depending on how the law in that state is written.

A smarter crook would have ditched the pillowcase-full of Masonic Treasure and the matching carving knives, wouldn't you think? I wonder what kind of cool Masonic things he was stealing? What's in a Masonic lodge building worth taking?

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  1. maybe he thought that was what goes on in the One Day Class.

    Theft of masonic stuff without earning it?

  2. is this how COWANS are handled?

    Where was that damn Tyler?

  3. SQ:"Snap!"

    Love it Brother.......
    T Dunce and the one day comment.....irony is awesome

  4. What's in a Masonic lodge building worth taking?

    Interesting question that. The things in a Masonic Lodge that I have found worth taking are: brotherly love, relief, and truth. They are items that are worthless to thieves, but they don't spoil, nor lose their lustre. Every Brother can take as much of these items as he can carry with him when he leaves the Lodge. When he then spreads them around outside the Lodge, they are gifts that are priceless.

  5. Awww... come on, Bros.! Don't you all have your share of the Templar's treasure and those scrolls from the library of Alexandria (Egypt, not VA!)in that vault under the basement of your lodge? You know, behind that wall that flips open when you turn the rusty torchholder upside down?


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