Monday, March 10, 2008

Mark of the Beast: Under your skin in time for Mother's Day, predicts "Child of the Most High"

You've got about two months to run up your credit cards and spend all your cash.

After May 12, 2008 you won't need them. That's the day all Americans will be implanted with the Mark of the Beast, a RFID microchip, declares Donny K, a "Child of the Most High." They can't even control traffic flow around a football stadium, but somehow we'll all make it down to the county health department to be tagged like cows by May 12.

I have no idea how he came up with that date.

After quoting a 2003 story about a company's new RFID chip, Donny K delivers the ultimate coup de grâce: He quotes the biblical Book of Revelations, chapter 13, verses 16-18.

You have been duly warned.

PS: Don't miss Donny K's "L.U. Cyfer: The Greatest Inventor of All."

Image: Donny K, Child of the Most High

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  1. "The Most High" apparently describes his drug-induced state, not his social/metaphysical position.

    Like Icke, at least he is entertaining.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like a blond "Meatloaf"?

    Mr. Dunn, back so soon?

  3. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett teamed up in the novel Good Omens to write a wacky story where the "antichrist" is switched to the wrong family in the hospital. Sort of a fun read.

  4. He could be Meatloaf's stunt double.
    Funny, I've never had anyone steal my identity from the five or ten dollar bill I use to pay for things.Some kind of double think going on there, why would you rely more on the technology which can be hacked/tampered with more easily?
    Anyone seen those Visa commercials which basically amount to anti-cash propaganda?They portray cash as this huge hassle that causes long waits in line as is just so obtuse.I can't tell you how often I have to wait for some credit card user to drop a pen or make the choice "debt or credit" or enter the wrong PIN.
    Cash is king.

  5. "apparently describes his drug-induced state, not his social/metaphysical position."

    Yeah, a lot of drug-induced idiocy running around. Isn't a ringworm a beast, by the way? I just hope people are around to call these guys when their propesies fail; this one, the Millerite failures, and the 2102 drek. I think it's time for a William Gibson quote about drugs!

    "...And then there is the matter of “state-specific learning”, wherein skills acquired in an altered state prove difficult, even impossible, to import to an unaltered state. This can be a problem, should one find oneself for some reason unable (or perhaps, eventually, unwilling) to alter state. I suspect that this, more than anything else, accounts for much of the (Western) mythology of drugs and creativity. If you learn to write on drugs, you might find that you feel you need drugs in order to write.

    As to drugs facilitating creativity, I think I’ve seen a lot of paintings, most often stacked along the walls of thrift shops, that argue against this. (Amphetamines, however, can definitely facilitate macramé.) Where are our great novels of the Sixties drug experience? Somehow, it seems, they didn’t get written, in spite of all that major facilitation."

  6. This "prophesy" as one of you put it, is already a LAW. Duh! Where do you people live... The Moon?
    Don't they have news there?

    The date was pushed back to next May, I believe. That, because so many citizens are up in arms about it. Geez, do I have to fill you guys in on everything? Whew! And, you can't HACK someone's identity out of their skin. That's why they are moving from smart cards to implants. How many knuckleheads can we get on one blog? That remains to be seen. But this guy doesn't do drugs (like y'all), he's the "real deal"...not making predictions, but warning of the future for the perceptive and intelligent. (Didn't mean to leave you folks out, sorry!)

    Try reading the news now and might keep you from looking stupid in the future.

  7. Please cite the law and provide us dummies with a link to it. Or at least links to the news we missed while we were on the moon.

    — W.S.

  8. Law Passed Prohibiting Implants In California
    Here's an article about the opposition. I've given you more than you deserve, it's true. But some swine can be taught to appreciate pearls.


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