Friday, March 07, 2008

Halcyon's boxing ring site of 2008 Cleveland Golden Glove preliminary rounds

Our brothers at Halcyon Lodge in Cleveland, Ohio have done a great job restoring the Halcyon Masonic Temple. Included in their remodeling is a center devoted to the sport of boxing.

Through Halcyon Charities the boxing gym is used by neighborhood kids as well as Golden Glove contenders. The facility is state of the art.

In association with Cleveland Amateur Golden Gloves, Inc., the West Side Temple at 2831 Franklin Blvd. in Ohio City will become the new host of the preliminary rounds of the Golden Gloves Amateur Tournament, with the first three rounds being held there April 5, 12, and 19 at 6 p.m.

Cleveland has in recent years become known as where Olympic-worthy young boxers get their start. In 2007 three Cleveland-area Golden Gloves Champions went on to qualify for the Olympic Trials. Two became Olympic alternates and one, Raynell Williams, is now the U.S.A. 125-lb. representative for the 2008 Olympics in China.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 3, 2008:
The finals, which drew a turn-away crowd of nearly 1,300 last year, will again be in the North Hall at Cleveland Browns Stadium on April 26, also at 6 p.m.

All first-time boxers, up to age 34, will compete in the sub-novice division. Before that rule was implemented a year ago, many first-timers were forced to box in the open division for experienced fighters.

The tournament also is restricting entries for those with experience in Tough Man and mixed martial arts competition. Depending on MMA experience, competitors will have to enter either the novice or open divisions.

Tickets will cost $15 and $25 for adults, with 12-and-under tickets at $8 and $13. Table seating and sponsorships are available. For entry and ticket information, contact the GG office at 216-662-7445.
Halcyon Charities is an Ohio non-profit corporation and 501(c)(3) public charity started in December 2006. Run entirely by volunteers, its goal is to make the Halcyon Masonic Temple facility the cornerstone of a multi-faceted charitable enterprise focused on youth development. They are dedicated to making Ohio City a better and more vibrant place.

The site currently houses youth athletic programs. Future plans include initiating other youth-oriented cultural programs, including theater, art, and music education.

From the Halycon Charities website:
We have come a long way towards returning the magnificent Halcyon Masonic Temple to productive use, but we still have along way to go. As we continue renovating and remodeling the building for the 21st century we need the help of everyone interested in the future of Ohio City and its historic neighborhoods. Please consider helping with a tax deductible donation to Halcyon Charities.
Halcyon Charities' address is on their website, as is a PayPal donation button.

Image: Inside Halcyon's boxing gym

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  1. Much thans goes out to Brother Joel Michalek!

    Brother Joel was a Golden Gloves boxer from Detroit, and has spearheaded this project and seen it to fruition.

    The Teamsters usually "run" the events and pick the facility. Brother Joel's efforts were rewarded by The Teamsters agreeing to hold the preliminary bouts within our Temple. Alot of hard work was done by all the men at Halcyon and it is a joy to see it finally come together.

    It is a great feeling of accomplshment to create the gym, get the youth fighters working out, doing the majority of the work ourselves and being able to work a charity event of this magnitude.

    Net we hope to host more amateur bouts between our fighters and fighters from detroit. Also we will soon be hosting youth theater groups. It is slowly comming together, besides outside influence trying to trip us up.

    Thank TGAOTU for shining light on our projects and seeing them through for us.

  2. Who do these punks think they are, actually trying to improve the community in which the Temple resides?

    They need to be stopped, they are setting a bad example as what masons are, or at least regular masons are.

    Working hard, progressing, rehabbing, preserving, etc....
    Please put a stop to this.

    Non regular masons are not allowed to do good and use the Masonic banner, they are men of ill repute.

    the nerve of pretend masons.

  3. Actually, Dunce, the activities of the Halcyon Charity are to be commended.

    Good job.

  4. Thank you Brother Dunn.

    I hope we at Halcyon can show Freemasons that if you limit yourself masonically to just Blue Lodge and its teachings with open discussions on the Light imparted in the other rites, as a group you can focus on a project and see it through to fruition.
    Instead of travelling up the rites, getting in line to accumulate hats and chains and $$$ and power or to be running off transporting prostitues over states lines, you can accomplish good things that matter and change the society in which you dwell.

    Focusing on the Blue Lodge, the building and our community is plenty to do along with a job and family!

    We really look forward to the success of this event and its ability to help the local charity and improve on the situation at hand.
    No brothers are receiving compensation for their work. Our time and efforts are all for charity and not to get paid.

    So, we at Halcyon are dedicated to serving our community, not looking for $$$ compensation, titles or sex parties!
    Thank TGAOTU for shining Light on our endeavors.

    This is only the start!

  5. Halcyon Temple extends from East to West and breadth north and south, its height from earth to heaven, its depths from server to center. It is that extensive to denote the universality of Freemasonary and that a MASON'S CHARITY SHOULD BE EQUALLY EXTENSIVE.

    Thus is sole basis for Halcyon Charities.

  6. Let's not get too carried away, Sec, ok? The presentation that this is all altruistic ignores the point that it was done to keep the building for the lodge. So there is selfish and altruistic mixed.

    Its nice what the charity is doing for the community, but Freemasonry is not all about community charity, its about making good men better. Arguably, making good men better involves charity TO the community, but its not the be all and end all of Freemasonry, else we would be just the Red Cross, the American Way or the Rotary.

  7. Bro. Dunn,

    I will continue to be carried away with Halcyon Lodge with all due respect.

  8. Seriously, Halcyon Charities is in the middle of a legal fiasco (so we've been told). If they are above board, that's great. These kids need a chance to get a foothold on life. IF the Halcyon charities crumbles, it will solely be the responsibility of those in charge of the charities. Seems premature to be celebrating right now. I'll abstain from all jesters communications until that is decided.

  9. WS is watching states:" Isn't Halcyon charities under investigation for misappropriating funds? After a half a year in existence, too. They'll catch up with the jesters at this pace if they're guilty and the jesters are."

    Halcyon Charities IS NOT under any investigations for misappropriations of funds.
    That is a flat out LIE and defaming of a good name.

    The "legal" involvement with Halcyon Charities is that they are being sued by the disgruntled Grand Lodge of Ohio. Everyhting this public charity has done has been above board. Period.
    So, where you got your 100% false accusatory claim, I know not where?

    But as a member of the charity, it is and always has acted above board. We made sure because it was that the past managers of the Temple were not, so we could not act like them.

    If Halcyon Charities crumbles it will be because the Grand Lodge of Ohio has a bigger BANK ACCOUNT funded by hunderd of thousands of masons dues payments.

    Halcyon Charities is a small local charity just starting up, and the majority of its funds really need to go into the rehabbing and refurbishing of the building, but that is on hold so we can defend ourselves in court; and both parties, the Grand Lodge of Ohio and Halcyon Charities in the end will only make a couple of law firms a bunch of money with NO GOOD comming from it.
    In the end, attorneys will reap masonic and charitable funds! Why, Grand Lodge of Ohio refused to TALK with a Lodge as men, instead, ultimatums and threats, then court. NICE.....

    I hope the members of Ohio really want THEIR money being frivolously spent in courts, instead of helping needy masons. Lawyers are reaping the rewards of masonic donations and dues.
    Not anyone in need.

    So, please retract that lie about misappropriation of funds.
    That is a factual lie!
    It is more like a divorce court, a scorned lover is attacking its old partner for what they feel is their's.

    Not what you are lying about....

    Nice try though.......

    Oh, yeah and the grand lodge of ohio is trying to mess with the golden gloves(another youth charity) to affect the charties from doing business, I may have to look, but I am not sure when trying to affect a business from doing business, does that fall under racketeering? I am not sure......

  10. "The "legal" involvement with Halcyon Charities is that they are being sued by the disgruntled Grand Lodge of Ohio. Everyhting this public charity has done has been above board. Period.
    So, where you got your 100% false accusatory claim, I know not where?"

    It was no lie, it was an assumption based on a post you yourself made. The 100% false accusatory claim came DIRECTLY from interpreting YOUR post. Now you know where. I didn't understand, and I apologize. Better information in the first place could have helped. If you saw, the statement was a question-not an accusation.

    The GL of Ohio could be disgruntled. It seems that there are definitely those disgruntled on the other side. IF Halcyon Charities did nothing illegal, they have nothing to fear.

    Thanks for giving us information, as your post said very little. The only recourse was to assume, which is what I did incorrectly. I apologize for that.

    Sincerely, I would like to see wounds healed, Masonry without anger against each the other, and charity work for the benefit of the community.

  11. Francois (my name is nobody),

    Don't fall in the trap of arguing here. If you want to understand have WS put you in touch with 2 Bowl Cain, and talk to him.

    The story started back in 1997. There's no way he could write it all down and explain it here.

    No need to apologize brother. Just go get the facts.

  12. Thank you Howard, but apologies are necessary. I posted this out of spite, and came here to delete it. Seeing that 2 bowl had replied, I could not. I apologize for posting this out of spite. What did Voltaire say, 'he must be a fool for he answers every question he is asked'? I guess that's me. ;,)


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