Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Call The Burning Taper for free!

One of Google's newest acquisitions (as they seek total global information domination) is the "Call Me" program from Grand Central. Click on the button, and you can call me toll-free. Currently it's set to go to voicemail only; if you actually want a response from me, email is still the best way to go.

Please feel free to leave comments via voicemail. Your comments are recorded digitally, and with a few clicks, I can post your most interesting comments directly to this blog for the world to hear.

How it works: Click on the "Call Me" button. Enter your name or screen name and your phone number. Click "call." The system will call YOUR number. Answer your phone and leave your message for The Burning Taper.

Official disclaimer: Leaving a message via this method indicates your knowledge that a recording is being made, and that you agree whatever you say can and may be posted on this blog. Please be reasonably polite. You do not necessarily have to identify yourself. Your phone number will not be shared.

I want to thank Bro. Dean from Freemason's Corner for helping the techno-challenged Widow's Son to get this set up.

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  1. I know that this does not relate to this article, but congratulations on having your aricle on Rose Hill Cemetery published in the Scottish Rite Journal

  2. Great way to think of the Web is that it is becoming a General Purpose otherwords, a Utility, much like electric power in the late 1800's. We are moving our ability to communicate to a new infrastructure, thus the Web is simply a utility for communications. It's the latest utility, like water, power and roads.
    G. Crouch
    SW, Ad Astra 130

  3. Widow's Son?
    Published in the Scottish Rite Journal?
    By their editor Brent Morris?

    You collaborator! [VBG]

    Congratulations, my friend.


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