Saturday, January 21, 2006

Masonic Truthiness

I've been finding some fascinating Masonic blogs the past few days. It seems there are many intelligent Freemasons out there, eager to learn, study and teach the esoterics of Freemasonry, but who have been as stymied and rejected in their lodges as I was in my own.

There comes a time when "peace and harmony" must take a backseat to "truth and morality." That time is Now.

The blog Reform Freemasonry rails against the Ohio Grand Master, and the "insane refrain" of "Freemasonry is not a secret society, but a society with secrets." He makes no bones about what he sees as the cause of his state's problems with loss of membership and interest — the managerial ignorance of the Ohio Grand Master and Grand Lodge.

He writes: "Our fraternity is dying because our leaders have failed us, and they continue to fail us utterly! Grand Lodges mandate this and that and send out minions of deputies to inspect and punish any nonconformity with official dictates. Woe to any lodge that dares to try something new!"

The Masonic blogger from Alabama at Seeker's Observation touches on an issue that strikes a chord with me — the "takeover" of Masonic lodges and Grand Lodges by "nearsighted and dogmatized leaders" who are "destroy[ing] the meanings behind our ritual by systematically whitewashing it with vague religious references." Or in my lodge's case, not so vague. The Seeker discusses "corruption and bureaucracy" in his state's Grand Lodge as well.

Another Alabama brother writes in Free-Masonry-Alert that there is a "coming storm" in Freemasonry. He describes what he calls "the Unfit," the men who are being allowed to become Masons un-tested and un-investigated.
"Trooping through the doors of our preparation rooms we find an ever increasing company composed of those from whose faces is missing the stamp of high intelligence, in whose eyes the torch of education has lighted no fires, and whose halting steps are led by friendly suggestion or quickened by the hope of gain. Have committees forgotten to report whether these have sufficent education and intelligence to understand and value the doctrines and tenets of Freemasonry? Was it demanded of them if they came unbiased by improper solicitation and uninfluenced by mercenary motives? When they answered the inquiry did they know that truth is a divine attribute and the foundation of every virtue? Has not bitter experience yet taught us that it is better that no workman be added to the roll than ever one unworthy foot allowed to cross the threshold?"

The blogs Ars Marsonica and the Masonic Traveler have provided exceptional information about what's been called the Masonic Massacre, where the Grand Master of Florida demanded that W. Bro. Tim Bryce take down dozens of Masonic websites he had created, some as informational sites, some as sites for individual lodges.

Spartacus hasn't even completed his Three Degrees yet, but is already blogging about his adventures and discoveries in Freemasonry. It's wonderful watching his eagerness unfold.

The courage of expression in these Masonic bloggers is great to see. The Fraternity needs more men of honor like these men, who are unafraid to say the Emperor has no clothes.

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  1. It is true that Masonry in America is in a dangerous state of affairs. The descendants of our ancestral grand master have usurped the glorious throne of the East and replaced the search for the lost truth with smoke and mirrors. It is time for all true Masons to take action. If the Art is in your heart... Then buck the trend and take action!
    RRCG guy

  2. Fellow brothers in the Craft… I address you all in the warmth and fellowship of the bonds of Freemasonry. There exists today a blight that threatens to blot out that ember of light that has been entrusted to our care since time immemorial.
    Today’s Grand Lodges are infested by ruffians, cowards, and those who would use our beloved fraternity for their own personal gain. Those of you in certain states in America know only too well the grumblings of your fellow brothers and the jerk-knee reaction that your Grand Lodges have displayed when met by questioning brethren. There have been questionable dealings regarding real estate, dues, and monies paid and entrusted to those in power. Money has disappeared with little or no accountability. Brothers who have acted to resolve these issues and bring them to light have been threatened and coerced into ceasing and desisting; or have been removed altogether from the rolls of their home lodges. I have seen such evil since I’ve walked upon the Earth; but this is far more than the eye can see!
    Men who have been free-born and meet all of the qualifications to be a Freemason have been shunned by many in the southern states for the sole reason that they are black. Many will say; “why not join Prince Hall lodges?” I say, “Why should any man who meets all of the qualifications to be a mason, ever be turned away from our noble order?” The fraternity of Blue Lodges is dying out! Each year tells a story of declining enrollment from the younger generation while the average age of the existing lodge constituency continues to climb. Many things divide us as humans on this planet; however, Masonry should not be one of them.
    I hear those who would say that Masonry is a “Christian” organization; thus further alienating those that believe in a god… just not the Christian god. What of our Jewish brethren? What of those of different faiths? Do you not remember that it was our Masonic forebears that were persecuted by the Catholic and Protestant Churches for supposed heresies against the Faith? If Masonry is an exclusively Christian organization; then let us simply attach ourselves to an appendent Christian group such as the Knights of Columbus or Promise-keepers. If all you care about doing is holding benefit banquets and functions for charity; then simply ally yourself to one of these fine organizations. Charity is only part of the Masonic equation and our earliest Masonic brothers were definitely NOT Christian. This is a modern invention.
    It is much more than a disaffected view of the modern generation that has caused a decline in enrollment. The younger generation seeks answers that they are not getting from society. They turn to us for leadership and guidance. What do we do? We give them more of the same! We bully them when they ask the hard questions. The dead end, “just because it is!” answer is the death-knell for Blue Masonry in America today.
    We cannot lead men when we have not removed our own blindfolds! We only drive them into more profound darkness.
    What will cure the blight upon our proud craft? I have a belief that the cure is to unburden ourselves of the yoke of shame that is ANY Grand Lodge officer that are found to be acting in a manner that is inconsistent with tried and tested Masonic law. If the affected Grand Lodge will not permit such action, then it is our right; nay… our duty to abolish such a Grand Lodge! Those that truly lead…Lead by serving others!
    Even now there are organizations that are coming into existence that are returning to the old ways. They are going back to the true source of Masonic light and are peeling away at the layers of superfluous and useless skin of the onion that has become the Blue lodge. SEEK OUT THESE ENTITIES! Let your heart guide you in what is right. If you are questioning the veracity of the actions of your lodge or it’s leadership… then your heart will serve well to guide you.
    I leave you with this thought. “Precious is this path we walk. If we walk as Percival le Galois did in the Arthurian legend; then no truth shall be hidden from our Light.”

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp
    Gentle-Fellow of the Sublime Craft


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