Friday, April 14, 2006

Free-Mason-Alert shines! There's new Starlight over Alabama

Worshipful Brother David Cooksey, the man behind the blog Free-Mason-Alert, today publicly announced his demit and disassociation from Shades Valley Lodge #829, a regular lodge working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Alabama.

Bro. Cooksey also formally resigned from the Scottish Rite last November. Bro. Cooksey has served Antient Freemasonry honorably for over 13 years. His Masonic credentials include 32ยบ KCCH, Producer & Director of the Stage, 30th Degree Director, cast member 30th Degree, Temple Association member, Blue Lodge Degree Team member. He also served in many offices including Worshipful Master of his Blue Lodge.

Bro. Cooksey has not denounced Masonry, and will always be a Mason.

He also announced the creation of the Temple of Regulas, a new Masonic lodge. The Temple will seek amity with United Grand Lodge of America of Ancient Free-Masons, Grand Lodge of York, The Grand Lodge of All England, with Co-Masonry and with the United Grand Lodge of France.

Photo: A conjunction of the Moon, the planet Venus and the star Regulus, July 15, 1999, taken 55 minutes after sunset in the White Mountains of California by photographer Alson Wong.

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  1. Yes new stars are shining in Alabama today and for the future.

  2. The clouds are parting and light is streaming through.
    Hopefully others will understand that holding onto a dues card from their respected grand Lodges should not be the reason for not being a man, free born, of good report and well recommended and thinking for themselves and act in the face of hypocracy and un-masonic behavior towards enlightnened men.
    Fear is no way to being a mason.
    If you are in fear of another man in a goofy colored apron, stay with your Grand Lodges system. They need YOU to survive, but if you're a strong, independant man, see the hand writing on the wall ans start to question the status quo. Unless you are hungry for titles within the various groups. Stripe collectors stay out!
    God Bless the brave and enlightened brother form Alabama. May your zealousness spread across the plains of this "free" country and wake up the sheeple in the temples.


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