Friday, April 07, 2006

The polls have closed

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Burning Taper's first poll.

Of course, the vote was not scientific, and reflects only the opinions of a small number of visitors this site. In fact, the number of people who bothered to vote in this poll compared to the number of people who visit this site was amazingly small. Just like in the real world — a tiny percentage of those eligible to vote actually do.

I was suprised to see that no anti-Masons cast a vote to send us, symbolically at least, to Hell.

Here are the results to the question of "What do you think about Freemasonry?"
  • I am a Mason, and I support the Rose Cross of Gold. 56 Votes, 50.91%
  • I am a Mason, and the Rose Cross of Gold members are heretics who should be expelled. 7 Votes, 6.36%
  • I am a Mason, and have not yet decided how I feel about the Rose Cross of Gold. 28 Votes, 25.45%
  • I am not a Mason. Jesus doesn't approve of Freemasonry. 0 Votes, 0%
  • I am not a Mason, but might like to become one. 4 Votes, 3.64%
  • I am not a Mason, and I think you guys are a sad story of how something noble dies. 3 Votes, 2.73%
  • I am a woman. Why can't I be a Mason? 8 Votes, 7.27%
  • I am a black Prince Hall Mason, but most of you white guys don't recognize me as a Mason at all. 2 Votes, 1.82%
  • I am a Past Master, and this is not how we did it when I was in the East. 2 Votes, 1.82%

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