Thursday, April 20, 2006

Other Masonic Blogs: Masonic Traveler, Free-Mason-Alert, John Ratcliff's blog

I have been caught up in other matters this week, and haven't posted in a few days.

But my brother bloggers have been busy. Click on over and see what's happening:
  • Brother Greg Stewart at Masonic Traveler blog has written an excellent article about the "erasure" of members of the Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold. You may recall how several very active Georgia Masons were "stricken" from the rolls of their lodges last December for not "renouncing" their interests in an un-official Masonic club dubbed "clandestine" by a misguided Grand Master.
  • Brother John Ratcliff posted a very interesting article called "It's All Semantics" where he explores the nature of God from a Masonic standpoint.
  • Brother David Cooksey, of the blog Free-Mason-Alert, continues discussion of the formation of a new lodge in Alabama, the Temple of Regulus, as well as analyzing the Edgar Allan Poe poem "Haunted Palace" that he feels may be speaking allegorically about Freemasonry.
— Widow's Son

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