Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We welcome Mary Madonna to the Burning Taper/Sacred Fems family

There's a new writer over at our sister site SacredFems.com.

Mary and I welcome Mary Madonna to our pages. Mary Madonna is a very old friend. She and I went to elementary school together. We lost touch in high school, but re-connected a few years ago through Classmates.com.

Mary Madonna has written a very personal essay, words from deep within her soul.

I find it illuminating that she and I, as young people in the same city and school but active members of different Southern Baptist churches, both entered adulthood after a religious upbringing with life-changing, unpleasant memories of interactions with Southern Baptist ministers, staff members and church leaders. Perhaps these workers were well-intentioned but simply misguided, or perhaps they had their own demons to deal with... in either case, I believe they scarred an entire generation by force-feeding their literalist, fundamentalist viewpoints of a vengeful God who needs appeasement upon trusting young people.

But you've heard my rants about Southern Baptists before — so I'll spare you today.

Please welcome Mary Madonna — who, by the way, is the daughter of a Widow's Son — to the Burning Taper / Sacred Fems family. Say hello to her in the comments section or via email. Check back often — she has a lot more to say.

— Widow's Son

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