Monday, December 31, 2007

We all shine on: Brian Napier

Scottish brother Brian Napier writes in to tell us "This is Who I Am." Thank you, Bro. Brian.

Dear Widows Son,

My name is Brian, I came to the U.S. just over 5 year ago from SCOTLAND, (Brian is my real name by the way, I see no reason what so ever why I should hide or gloss over it, I am a child of the ever living GOD and proud I am of it, KNOW ME BY MY NAME.) My Surname is NAPIER.

I have been a proud and very busy Mason now for nearly 25 years, not a second in time in all that time have I regretted, I have the distinction of having been a Master of two Lodges on two different continents, I dare say there must have been others who have achieved this, I have just not spoken to, or know of any.

Anyway, I have found as regards Freemasonry, as with lots of others things in life, what people don't understand, (especially Americans) is that, if they don't understand it, or can't fathom out how it works, apart from what you hear or read from others, LET'S MOCK IT FIRST THEN KILL IT.

Now I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not just a Blues Masonic Mason, I spent a lot of years climbing the rungs within Freemasonry over a long period of time, nothing like the way they do here in America, I chose to learn my Craft, I chose to educate myself as best I could on my Craft, I am not one of those nuts who go to the library grab a book then go and tell the world we are all Satanists or that I know how the world turns, when I have absolutely have no idea what I'm talking about other than what I just read over a weekend.

I have done nothing but do my utmost to enhance the way I treat and conduct myself within the realms of my fellow man, those same fellow men maybe totally against my affiliation to Masonry, but you know it matters not, I have a way of treating my fellow man that will not be swayed by the nuts and the agitators, MY GOD taught me this. At the end of the day, I cannot claim to be the all knowing and the all powerful, but I absolutely know who is.

Now it matters not off what creed, colour, or faith you are, we ALL acknowledge that the every living GOD already knows the person I/we are, now just for talking's sake, lets say I have spent an entire adulthood belonging to a Fraternity that turns out to be sinister, as some would have it, My GOD, your same God, knows I did what I done through genuineness, I tried to be the best I could be in his eyes knowing that I would be judged by HIM and by HIM only, if I got it wrong he will forgive me for I am only flesh and have the right, HIS right, to get it wrong, I am not perfect, the last person who was perfect in my eyes got crucified remember, and he did nothing wrong.

We all belong to something, even if it turns out we only belong to ourselves, or at least true to ourselves, we make the calls, ultimately he (GOD) makes the final JUDGEMENT about our calls in life, if my God has seen me go through life making life as comfortable for my fellow man, (as he wished) as comfortable as my standing in life warrants then that's all I can do, at least I have the consolation of knowing it, and I know he does too.

I will only pass by this way once, if I feel I have not made, or at least tried to make a difference upon my fellow man, Mason or not, then why should God have granted me the space on this earth, HIS EARTH in the first place.

While in this country, I have endeavored to assist numerous American Legions, Veterans Homes, Church groups, my neighbours, children's outreaches, in fact while I do these things, the country men of this America would much rather sit and criticize me for being a Mason rather than get up off their asses and assist me to assist their fellow country men and children, they are in no position to judge or condemn me for being what I am, I am just a humble man doing the best I know how, the fact that Freemasonry has shown me the way to go about it in the past twenty five years means no less, yes I was a good person to begin with but like I said we all belong to something.

Like Benjamin Franklin said, Any Fool can criticize, complain and condemn and most fools do.

While we're on the subject of Franklin, it's not a myth, it's fact that the Franklin's, the Washington's, the Jefferson's, the Hancock's, and the Monroe's of this world, all got round a table and yes, with a beer in their hands, (And all MASONS)and discussed the birth of a new nation, that NATION was to be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, did they in all honesty make such a bad job of it?, I think not, the fact that since those days certain individuals have gone on and made an absolute mockery of it beggars belief.

If nothing else they gave you...... WE THE PEOPLE..... They made it about YOU..... They gave you a voice, the same voice that does nothing but berate everything they were about as regards the birth of a nation, your nation, you stand at memorial services and thank the people who gave their lives so you may live freely today, and so you should, these same founding fathers gave you everything that you have ever lived, loved, and come to know about this great country.

When these founding Fathers gave birth to this great Nation (and it's not even my nation I'm SCOTTISH remember,) they gave up everything that they possessed, wealth, land, even family, look at the wealth of some of the individuals you have today, name me ten men made of the same materials or calibre as those great men, who would be willing in this day to give up the same, you couldn't find me two.

In ending, before you start opening your mouths in ignorance, remember this, for it is fact, without the Morals, without the Foresight, without the Forward Thinking, in essence without Freemasonry, this country would never have become the force within the world it has become, good or bad, be thankful that Freemasonry help conceive what you have all enjoyed ever since, and will continue to enjoy, remember the old saying, DO NOT BIT THE HAND THAT HAS FED YOU,...... AND YOUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN



— Bro. Brian Napier

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  1. No surrender nor prisoners!
    So Mote It Be, Brother!
    The Black Watch is still alive!
    Long Live Kilchurn!

  2. Will we fight for the future of Freemasonry, of the World, of our Children?

    Of course we will.

    Why do we fight?

    Why it's our Island, of course, that's why! (weak play on words from Mel Gibson's Braveheart) Besides, we Irish-Americans cannot let the Scots have all the fun.

    Remember, God invented whiskey on the eighth day to keep the Irish from taking over the world.

  3. Alba gu brath, Brother!

    I think it is time for another tea party myself.


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