Sunday, December 23, 2007

We all shine on: Byron Morgan

Bro. Byron Morgan writes to tell us about himself, in this installment of "This is Who I Am." Thanks, Bro. Byron!

I am Byron Morgan (AKA Odiekokee on forums and such), of Ecru, Mississippi (about 30 miles west of Tupelo, birthplace of Elvis). I've been a Mason for about a year, entered on Jan. 4th, 2007 and raised on March 15th (five days after I got married). I don't rightly remember the date I was passed, and if you like, I can look it up later.

My father is a Mason, as well as 32° in Scottish Rite. I haven't yet decided my path with the appendant bodies. I am a member of Mississippi's Pontotoc Lodge No. 81. I'm very active, being there nearly every time the doors open. I've only visited a few other lodges, all with other brothers from my home lodge, except one in Nashville, TN, a few weeks after receiving my 3°, and without having the forethought to ask some of the more experienced brothers what to expect.

I'm also a member of a small community church, which happens to be located in the building of a former lodge which has merged with Pontotoc. A good group of 20-30 folks usually, with an ex-hippie ex-skid row preacher. Hey, if he can be changed, anybody can.

My profession is a CAD Designer/Draftsman, as well as prototype machinist. It gives me opportunity for rigid mechanical designs, as well as fully artistic designs, and the ability to quickly see ideas become reality. Away from work, I read, paper and online, pretty much anything that comes along. I enjoy reading the BT blog, as well as a few others. I also spend a bit of time on the AR-15 forums, as that is one of my favorite hobbies.

I've read the BT for a good eight months now, and made a few, very few, comments, most of which are quickly passed over without much fanfare. That suits me I suppose. Just a drop of water against the mountain. In time, there may become a canyon. I've got a blog, but may as well not, as I don't have nearly so much interesting to say as Widow's Son, or a hundred others.

Beyond that... well, that's a whole different world. A story nobody would want to be bored with (me included!!).

I added a picture too, hope it won't break too many screens.

— Bro. Byron Morgan

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  1. W.S. These type of posts are great --keep them coming...

  2. He had a blog on Xanga, mareokuma. He posted this about a suicidal person: Fear, Whining, Hiding, an Dying While Alive The target of this post rarely complained about his problems. He did everything he could to help himself. Byron Morgan, meanwhile, didn't help him at all. Byron just called him a whiner and attacked him. I know the guy Byron trashed and he's okay now, but he almost killed himself after this post.

    He also posted this bit of extreme homophobia: All These Fags Are Getting On My Nerves Not what the Masons want, I'm sure.


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