Monday, December 24, 2007

We all shine on: Roughesler

From southeast Asia, Bro. Roughesler writes in to say "This is Who I Am." Welcome, Brother.

Hi, Widow's Son, distinguished brethren and brethren all.

I thought I'd use this opportunity for introducing myself. I have been reading quite a number of Masonic blogs, and of course yours. It's been quite an interesting read for me as it showcases the differences that Masonry is like in the other parts of the world.

I am a Freemason of a Scottish lodge here in South East Asia, having been raised in October 2007 by our late Right Worshipful Master. Naturally most of what we do here is very much different from anywhere else.

I must say that I do very much enjoy my time in Freemasonry, especially visiting and meeting up with the other brethren from the other constitutions and sister lodges (we are fortunate to have four constitutions here, namely the English, Irish, Scottish and French). I tend to keep my Masonic activities a necessary secret from my colleagues and general friends, as I have heard of occasional and often mis-guided diatribes against Freemasons and Freemasonry in my workplace. I am sure many will be shocked or outraged to know I am actually a member of a "secret society of elites bent on world dominations." LOL!

I am still a pretty young Mason, in age and Freemasonry, so I am quite interested to learn as much as I can about the Craft, the history (especially Scottish masonic history), the symbolism and its esotericism. That probably explained why I do enjoy
doing the floorwork. I am not an office-bearer in my lodge but I do enjoy taking part in the various roles, which helps me quite a bit in learning more about why we do certain things. Of course, I must agree that being an institution made up of human beings, it has its share of human problems, but all in all, I do find it quite enjoyable.

I do personally feel that Freemasonry is quite esoteric in its rituals and customs, and I am glad that many brethren in the lodges here are avid researchers into the various facets. I am especially interested in the esoteric facet of the Craft and
would be most interested to talk to any brethren who share the same.

That's all for now, before I starts rambling on and on. Meanwhile, happy holidays to all!

— Bro. Roughesler

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Image: The graphic is of the tartan Bro. Roughesler's lodge recently adopted.

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