Monday, March 10, 2008

NY Gov. Spitzer "involved with" prostitutes

I've learned more today about New York politicians that I ever meant to. While reading about former New York Supreme Court Justice Ronald H. Tills (see story below), Gov. Eliot Spitzer's announcement that he was "involved with" a high-dollar prostitution ring popped up on my radar screen.

I have no idea if the girl-loving governor is a Jester, but he was certainly trying to be funny when I saw him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart a week or two ago.

There's no doubt he loves women. His wife has her own page on his official website.

And he's a superdelegate from New York who has promised to vote for New York Senator Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention this summer.

Recently, he issued a proclamation designating March "Women's History Month." In the proclamation he "honor[ed] the remarkable talents and creativity of American women...."

I bet the prostitutes from the Emperors Club [website taken down earlier today] he was "involved with" certainly do have "remarkable talents and creativity." They'd better, at the prices they're charging.

An hour with one of these women will set you back a minimum of $1,000, and that's just for the woman who is only rated "three-diamonds." To enjoy an hour's company with a Seven-Diamond woman costs $3,100 or more.

Dawn-to-dawn rates are from $10,000 to $31,000 per girl.

Occasional TV-pundit and law school professor (he taught Spitzer at Harvard) Alan Dershowitz defended Spitzer today by saying, "I feel terrible for Eliot and his family. But I feel that this was a story that we have to put in perspective. Big deal. Married man goes to prostitute. In Europe, this wouldn't even make the back pages of the newspaper.

"Men don't use their brains when it comes to something like this," he said. "They think with a different part of their body and that part of the body, the level of brains, there are no relationship to the level of brains in the skull, unfortunately. And when people think with that organ of the body, they make these kind of really, really terrible mistakes."

It's not "married man goes to prostitute" that's wrong here, Professor. It's the blatant hypocrisy of "married man who goes to prostitute made his living prosecuting prostitutes and their customers."

And it wasn't just the governor. Judge Tills allegedly did the same thing.

These men, and others like them, should remember they are public servants, answerable to the citizens, not aristocrats or royalty for whom we'll ignore or forgive their hypocritical indiscretions.

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  1. It's the blatant hypocrisy of "married man who goes to prostitute made his living prosecuting prostitutes and their customers.

    Oh c'mon, WS - prostitutes are those gals on 42nd St who turn tricks for a few bucks. When you're paying a grand and up, it's not prostitution anymore - it's an escort service.

  2. What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. — Bill Shakespeare

  3. Okay guys, take to another site okay!

  4. Why do we feel justified by creating morality laws in the first place? Morality laws are why 1% of people in America are now imprisoned! The majority are stupid drug laws that do nothing to stop drugs. Likewise, look at states like Nevada where prostitution is legal, but highly regulated. The system seems to be working well for them.

  5. Look at it this way. Marriage is one of the most fundamental of oaths--call them covenants or "obligations," if you will. If a man cannot fulfill this most fundamental of oaths, where he is just responsible for the well-being of himself and his wife and his family, then what makes us think he could fulfill his obligation to the State of New York, where he is responsible to some extent for the well-being of upwards of 14 million people?

    I had been pleased with Spitzer's victory over Pataki, the moreso because I am set to move back to New York this summer. Foolish me.

    We have a crisis of leadership in this country. We need people of unshakeable integrity, along with other virtues (like, intelligence and compassion) that I could expostulate on at some length.

    This is why I see this entry as very appropriate for a Masonic site. Freemasonry is supposed to develop these virtues. So mote it be.


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