Thursday, February 09, 2006

Get "The Burning Taper" via email

You can now get The Burning Taper blog delivered directly to your emailbox each day! Simply enter your email address into the field on the right and click "subscribe me!" You'll get a confirmation email so you can verify you really want to receive the blog. Click that when you get it, and you're all set. Once a day you'll receive this blog via email. For more frequent updates, read it here online!

Other features we've just added include that silver rectangle just above the subscription form. Recent headlines from will crawl across the box. Just click on the rectangle to go to

Do you use a newsfeed reader? Look for the new orange universal newsfeed logo down the page on the right. Click on it and you'll receive this blog regularly. No more worrying about whether you use ATOM or XML or any of those branded newsreaders. The new format handles them all without you having to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Another new feature is the ClustrMap. Click on it to see a map representation of where our visitors are coming from.

Thanks for reading and participating!

— Mary and the Widow's Son

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