Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Masonic Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold unveils website upgrade

The Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold, a Masonic Rite with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, working under the United Grand Lodge of America, unveiled today its upgraded website. While much of the information presented hasn't changed, the site sports a new look and a new logo.

True Freemasonry is a continuation of the ideals and philosophy of the great minds of the Age of Enlightenment. The Brotherhood of the Rose Cross of Gold continues in their footsteps keeping alive the Masonic goal of a Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind Under the All-Seeing Eye of Deity.

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  1. Reading about this club, I'm curious why it was blackballed by the state GL. What the Red Cross offers, from reading the site, sounds like a nice alternative to spaghetti dinners and bill paying.

    I'm curious though, it focuses on the scientific aspect, but omits the spiritual aspects. Much of what I've gleaned from the Scottish Rite, isn't just religious in nature, but a way of understanding divinity, that it is more than just a confined faith, no matter what religion. Does the Red Cross touch on these ideas?

    I do find that I am drawn to the idea that it functions as Moray did with the Royal Society. I'm curious what this group will be like in years to come.

  2. The Rose Cross was too progressive and enlightened for the GLGA. They felt threatened by it and the high calibre of people it was attracting. Too many Atlanta area professionals were joining lodges just to be members of the Rose Cross. In less than a year the Atlanta Scottish Rite had lost all but one Mason under the age of 40 to the Rose Cross.

    If you want to understand divinity from an ancient perspective then stick with the Scottish Rite. The Rose Cross material isn't spiritual in the sense of what most people think of as religion. It's purely Masonic and based on the Grand Lodge of the 'Moderns' in 1717. It answered all of my questions about Freemasonry and left with me with even deeper concpets to explore.

  3. Your comment regarding the Rose Cross being too progressive and enlightened for the GL of GA is probably more true than you think and indicative of the problems that exist in the GL of GA. Spirituality in the ancient sense was of a progressive nature. Enlightenment comes from understanding the true nature of things and becoming freed from that which previous bound us. The Grand Lodge of Georgia is quite comfortable with their bonds and they are quite content to remain an old-folks social club.
    Sorry if that sounds harsh...but look around and you'll see the truth of what I say.

    F.Roy Dean Schlipp

  4. Hi,

    I'm a graduate student at UGA in Athens, GA. I've been looking at Masonic web sites and lists for the last year and find myself drawn to the Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold. I'm not interested in being a member of a social organization like the Lions Club, and that's what the old lodges seem to be. In reading the Masonic lists the members of these lodges seem too conservative and dogmatic. The Rose Cross appears to be more modern and cosmopolitan.

    Can anyone here speak from experience? Are there any Rose Cross members that read this blog?



  5. FYI the Grand Master of Georgia has nothing against the Rose Cross guys. The Supreme Council in Washington is behind the young brothers being expelled. They're silently taking over the Grand Lodges through threats of character assassination. The Grand doesn't feel threatened by the Rose Cross, it's the House of the Temple they fear.

  6. of intrest?
    About 20 or 25 years ago in Los Angeles, CA. I bought a gold shaped ball when unsnaped it became a gold cross with silver pyramids and four masonic symbols on each of the six pyramids, it looks like it was worn around the neck or on a watch chain and since when opened it's a gold cross I thought it may mean something to you, if so you can contact me at.... cisco81oakland@gmail.com


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