Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mama, we're all crazy now

The following rant was found on, a rather pitiful attempt by a fundamentalist Christian to besmirch Freemasonry. Its "Mailbag" page is most interesting. Most of the emails they've posted are from people claiming to be Masons, and most of those Masons also claim to be Christian. Some of those emails aren't very polite, but then, we've seen right here how heated a discussion between Masons and fundamentalist Christians can become.

The following email purports to be from a Christian minister who snuck into a "dark and spooky" Masonic temple when he was working for a pest control company and left Jack Chick anti-Masonic tracts. He also claims he was fired from his retail job at Penney's because, wouldn't you know it, J.C. Penney was a Freemason.

I find myself agreeing with the first email posted on their site, which says of "You are absolutely the biggest bunch of idiots on the entire web."

Put on your boots; you're about to wade through some real strange slime.

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From: PastorL
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005
Subject: Timeline-The typical American Church, winking at Masons and their false doctrine

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Masonic Lodge: "They don't take it seriously"(Oh really?)

YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS, BUT IT IS TRUE: The Typical American Church

A Christian friend asked me recently "but what are you doing about it Lee" as I was voicing my concerns for the church including the fact Masons run or dictate what can or cannot go on in many churches and even our country. I have done something about it. I would ask you the same. "What are you doing" about your church dear friends in light of what the scriptures repeatedly teach and admonish, Eph. 5:11ff, 2 Cor. 6:14ff, Titus 1,etc.

Timeline of Masonic activity in my life and ministry-Churches:

1984-85: My high school shop class teacher Mr. Burgess would brag about his being a Mason and how they "would get you" if you stirred them up. He was an angry, spiteful man. I did not put a lot of stock into it at the time.

1988: Around this time I would see Masons come to church business meetings being hateful to the Pastor. I did not know what Masonry actually taught then. I sure sensed, as a true believer does, an evil spirit though.

1992: I entered Bible College in South Carolina wanting to be a Pastor and I saw John Ankerbergs TV show on Masons and was astounded. I knew I had to act.

1993: Causing much debate and many leaving the SBC, myself included, the Southern Baptist Convention I was in officially and astoundingly left it up to the "individual's conscience" whether to stay in the lodge or not. This is against clear scripture.

1995: Around this time my Pastoral Ministries Professor at Columbia Bible College told me " But Lee, where will you go if you leave the SBC. You will be out at sea, all alone". He was a career Southern Baptist. He said "But where would I go if I left". He said he knew it was evil. He said he would stay a Southern Baptist though!

1995: The senior Pastor of the large, affluent 800 member Presbyterian church I was interning at said to me "Masons do not really take it seriously". He had just said while up north they punched him in the face for interrupting their Masonic funeral service!

1993-1997: I spoke out regularly against Christians remaining in the lodge and against the SBC for allowing this false doctrine.

1996: After preaching to a Southern Baptist Pulpit Committee in my brother's church in Lowell, NC, I was offered the Pastorate during the following meeting back in the Pastors study until I brought up Masonry. They said most members left were Masons and Eastern Stars and gave the most money, that they would not "tolerate" me. The offer was retracted!

1997: After exposing them and putting out tracks and flyers in the church, angry Masons and Shriners helped vote me out of the Southern Baptist church I was pastoring in Aiken, SC. I was told I was "blackballed" from the Southern Baptist Convention. I considered this an honor actually. The week before I was voted out, the Chairman of the Deacons proclaimed, "Lee, I will go down with you". A few days later after talking with his relative, a Southern Baptist Pastor, he said he new the bible teaches what I say, that Masonry and immorality was wrong, but that Southern Baptist no longer did church discipline! He said that "I had to go"!

1999: Masons, some from my home church in Durham NC who once were proud of me going off to be a preacher and patting me on the back, may have been part of the same Lodge that sent in false witnesses to complain about me at Duke University Senior Center. At there Lodge meetings they discuss men in the community like me as "Anti's", that is to say anti-Masonic, and the Lodges do have list and DO GO AFTER MANY PEOPLE. This got me transferred and ultimately laid off. I had brought up their secrets in our talks while working at the center. One really older man threatened me to my face saying that I had better stop saying those things, that I could "get hurt" I believe, and was then rebuked by the older one.

2000: I visited the President of The Southern Baptist Convention and then President of Southeastern Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC Paige Patterson. In his office there I told him of my run in with Masons and my disappointments in the SBC for not putting them out or standing against them (As they do Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses etc….) He jokingly said they had threatened his life but he was not worried about it in essence. He shrugged me off as unimportant.

2000: The chance of a lifetime, I enter a Masonic Temple/Lodge in Chapel Hill, NC.

I was there to leave a flyer about services for my employer at the time, pest control. Upon getting to the front doors where I was going to leave the tracts ooops, flyers, I realized the doors were open. Once in, I was abit scared, the lodge was huge, Chapel Hill a Mecca for prominent Masons. I went to the men's room and I heard a coulple of Masons enter the doors. I was really scared now. Finally they left. I then went to most rooms . It was EEEEERIE!. In the main hall, it was dark, dark, dark…they had hanging portraits around, wall to wall of Masons in the area. Prominent men, all white. The hall was dark, demonic feeling, creepy…I soon bolted. But before I did I placed tracts throughout by their favorite author Jack Chick and "The Curse Of Baphome". I must have left several in key places like on the Bible in the main hall. I would have loved to see their face upon seeing it!

2000: While on a Job interview in Durham NC, Masonry came up as I saw the business owners Shriners Plaque in his office. He went on to defend Masonry and included he was the treasurer of the large SBC church on the corner right down the road and that the Pastor and most of the Deacons are Masons. I did not get the job. He was a family friend.

2003: Having been assured there were no Masons at the church I had come up to Pastor in Northeast Ohio even though the cemetery across the street was filled with their monuments-Obelisk (Little Washington Monuments which are straight from Egyptology), a Masonic member who had left before I came and not returned when he heard another "anti- Mason" Pastor was coming was influential in the happenings before, during and after my resignation.

One day while in my office at the church I heard a car pull up outside and park in the lot, it was the Mason, my heart was pounding! After calling out for him throughout the church, I went next door to my house. A while later I heard the door shut and he drove off. I still to this day do not know what he was doing there. He lived around the corner of the church and drove by my house behind the church daily and never once looked or waved at my family or me. Perhaps it was because my oldest son and me put anti-Masonic tracts on the Masonic cars during a Masonic funeral in town one night shortly after arriving. Perhaps it was because I advertised in the local paper the showing of videos on cults-secret societies at the church. He had actually harassed the former Pastor when he showed a video exposing Masonry. Just look at all the little obelisk in the local cemeteries in your town and imagine what may have taken place at your church, OR IS NOW. Most pastors would lose their paycheck if they even mentioned looking into the Lodge to see who was a member. The Old Testament word is "Hireling", for those whom would not care for the true flock.

2003: Not long after this, we were asked to candidate at a "Conservative" Church in South Carolina. During the morning service I realized many of the older men were Masons and Shriners actually whereing their lapel pins to Church! I condemned secret societies generally in my message but the did not get it. I new I had to be SPECIFIC, many of these do not consider themselves in a secret order, or simply are in DENIAL. During the conference call when they were going to offer the Pastorate to me, I found out the Chairman of the Search Committee, Fred, was a Mason-Shriner and this led to a lively debate about doctrine. He became belligerent when asked about the secret oaths and passwords…the sexual innuendo and phallic symbolism of his beloved fraternal organization.. He in essence said Masonry makes good Christians better, the common Masonic mantra. I asked him why would he need Jesus Christ or the church then…he became even more belligerent, frothing even. Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

2004: This same Mason (The one from back in Ohio) was now at the GARBC church where my family was attending in the same town. He would never look at me or acknowledge my presence. The Pastor would call on him to close the service in prayer. This man was busy in evangelism during the county fair for the church…of course the Masons had their recruiting table set up just down from the churches tract station!

Having heard and seen and talked with several ex- Masons and present ones at this "good" "conservative", "Fundamental church", I began asking the Pastor to confront them with me or himself and live up to the church statement about false doctrine and putting out those who follow and support it. In his office, February of 2004, he said, "But Lee, since you are not perfect in your theology, you cannot judge the Masons". How bizarre! He asked me to pray for him. Our family left the church shortly after this having asked for a hearing about the pastor and being basically put off.

This same Pastor preached some sermons on Masonry shortly after this, but concluded by saying he was "not going to stir anything up or put anyone out". Masons were present and I hear were quite delighted. The new building program the Pastor has been pushing for is right on track! (The typical American Church, is this your church?)

2004: Having thought I had now found a group that cared about this issue, a pastor and leader of a "Fundamental" movement specializing in separating from false doctrine and denominations said be careful I don't make this a "hobby horse". His son, a Pastor in the same church, let his wife say at our lunch that her dad was a "40 year Mason", that he was a "good man" and loved to where his lapel pins as we discussed their infiltration of our churches. The more I brought up Masons, the less I heard of anymore fellowship or preaching opportunities. (I thought the church was supposed to be the "Pillar and support of the truth", 1 Tim 3:15, not professional sports)

2005: We meet with several other families in our home now for church. I work several jobs as a non-salaried Pastor. At Dillard's the chief salesman, an Eagle and I believe a Mason stirred up the rabid homosexual employees and managers so bad against me I had to resign. This older gentleman prided himself on his many local and judicial contacts. He wore a huge gold ring with an Eagle on it with diamonds. He said at one point when I confronted him about his stealing customers that I was the "devil in disguise"! Imagine that. The retired police officer who also worked there repeatedly said this man was a liar and pedophile. I told this man I knew who his real father was, it was not mine.

I was fired in September 2005 from JC Penney's four months later because of "customer complaints". Masons again complained I was harassing them. The first one I spoke with, after he became belligerent and said I was stupid, that I was one of them "Born- again Christians" and told me he was going to "get me fired". He was right. After that Masons would come in regularly to see if I was still working there. The store Manager warned me to "never say anything negative about the Masons at any place". Of course I did not obey this hideous command. I think he was a Mason. He would not tell me.

.JC Penney was a Mason. JC Penney's sell Masonic, Eastern Star, and Shriners fraternal rings. Little old Masons daily frequent the store. Will they see you there?

I am sure there is more to come

Eph 5:11 "Have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them"

I John 3 " I have no greater joy than this, than to hear of my children walking in the truth"

Gal. 4:16 " Have I now become your enemy because I tell to the truth"


Rev. L

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(There are many more "similar" sites; a simple Google search would give you many)

Brushed off, Ignored or deemed unworthy of their time:

Just some well known ministries include

ACLJ -The American Center For Law And Justice (Jay Sekulows group)
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The Southern Baptist Convention churches and Pastors (All 16 million members)
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JC Penney's (He was a Mason)


  1. Wow, great article. I am constantly amazed at the level of dis-trust, obsession, and fault that people like this have of Freemasonry. It strikes me as if the Morgan affair had happened recently, and this vitriolic sentiment is something new and fresh. But again, you are so right in that it comes from this evangelical conservatism, specifically from the bible belts, and stand out like a extra digit on a prom queens hand.

    Seriously, find a hobby. The tracts of the bible that they quote to say why Freemasons are evil amazes me. With that same zeal and fervor, I can see how woman were brutally burned at the stake for being witches. This is borderline hate speak, and could probably be prosecutable as such. Like a wound, this sort of thing has festered for years because the typical Masonic line is "don't say anything back to them". Honestly, I feel like we need to rebut these lies.

    The hardest part is trying to argue with someone who only sees their way, and then backs it up with their faith. Reason flies out the window. Even in this piece that you present here, if this guy is really a minister, God help his parishioners. leaving propaganda while trespassing?

    Wow. Again, nicely done.

  2. This guy is just a nut!

    His problems with Masons are brought on by his obsession with attacking them.

    No wonder he can't keep a job if all he wants to do is antagonize and attack people who disagree with him.

    I'm not a Southern Baptist but, from research I know that a huge number of the founders of the SBC were active Masons. Many of the best Christians I know are Masons.

    I myself am both a Master Mason and a Pastor of a Baptist Church. There is no conflict between Christianity and Freemasonry unless you are right wing fundamentalist.

  3. This person is obviously suffering from some disorder or is some conspiracy-theorist gone seriously awry! Notice that he never got fired or not hired because of something that was "his" fault. It was always those danged, dirty-dealing Masons!
    Since when did the fundies get the right to pass judgement on people anyway?

    F. Roy Dean Schlipp


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