Friday, February 10, 2006

Prince Hall Masonry

A most enlightening article on Prince Hall Freemasonry appears today on Brother Greg Stewart's Masonic Traveler blog. Prince Hall was a free black man who received a lodge charter from the United Grand Lodge of England in 1775.

For the past 230-plus years, "white" Freemasonry and "black" Freemasonry have existed side by side. For most of that time, Grand Lodges of each group didn't "recognize" the other group as Masons, and individual lodges and members were forbidden to "hold Masonic converse" with members of the other group.

The above map shows the states with Grand Lodges, including the Grand Lodge of Georgia, that do not recognize Prince Hall Masons. It should be noted that in these same states, Prince Hall Masons do not officially recognize the white Masons, either.

You can reach the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Georgia Brother F. Ray Jackson at, or use this list of email addresses of all Georgia Grand Lodge officers.

Please note that the newly formed United Grand Lodge of America, based in Atlanta, Georgia welcomes men of all races, creeds and colors as Masonic Brethren. The United Grand Lodge of America is not a part of or recognized at this time by the states' Grand Lodge system. The UGLofA does not engage in or concern itself with "recognition," and considers all Masons to be Brothers.

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  1. The Grand Lodge of Alabama passed a resoltuion in 1876 that will not allow Blacks to become Masons and it is still in effect!!


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