Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Holy Hotties buy lap dances for Jesus

She's a self-proclaimed Holy Hottie. Ex-stripper Heather Veitch still works the topless bars, but not as a dancer. She works for Jesus now, you see.

On her frequent trips to strip clubs, she even pays for lap dances, so she can get up close and personal with the girls, to talk about God.

Vietch, a 31-year-old married mother of two, is a co-founder with two other women, Tanya and Lori, of her own ministry, J.C.'s Girls Girls Girls.

A former Las Vegas stripper, when Veitch became a Christian she started sharing her faith with her former co-workers.

Her ministry's website features glamour shots of Veitch and her two partners, taken by a porn director. The website “almost” looks like a porn site; some of the shots of the three women are quite provocative, but they appear clothed, some shots showing a bit of cleavage, some shots in very tight T-shirts with the JC's Girls Girls Girls logo imprinted.

They attend porn conventions, where they pass out Bibles wrapped in T-shirts that read Holy Hottie.

The 1,700-member Sandals Church of Riverside, California, a Southern Baptist Convention congregation, has donated $50,000 to the JC's Girls Girls Girls ministry.

In addition to visiting strip clubs and porn conventions, the ministry operates Matthew's House in Riverside, a ministry for sex industry workers and those “addicted to pornography.”

Veitch said strippers and porn stars don't have to quit their jobs before entering a church. She said, "Do we ask gluttons to stop eating too much before they come to church?" She added, "sin is sin."

Photos: Heather, Lori and Tanya, in that order.

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  1. Just so you know.....I am opposed....

    How sad!

    May God be pleased to raise up true witnesses for His glory in our day!

    Josh Buice

  2. So you're opposed to Mary Magdalene's conversion as well, eh?

  3. nope....Mary Magdalene didn't continue a life of vile sin....she walked with Christ.

    Much different case.....bad example. When people accept Jesus Christ - they are forever different. Not perfection - but continual sanctification with the goal of perfection (Jesus Christ).

    Josh Buice
    speaking the truth

  4. Josh won't even accept upstanding Mason's in his church, none the less these Christ preaching Jezabelle's!

    How sad, bringing the word of God to those that need it!?! Those sex addicted people and strippers should burn in helllll!

  5. Are you sure about that Josh?

    The other Apostles didn't seem to think she even belonged in their presence or worth JC's time and effort. Were they making a mistake? Were they proposing a bad example?

    Just admit it, you don't like strippers or hookers and they're not worth your Ministry's efforts.

  6. Do you know Heather's story, Josh? I too live in Louisville. Your daughter and I have the same birthdate. But we are obviously totally different people.


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