Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reader survey: What is Freemasonry?

The article below this one, "We never had any mystic secrets," along with a thread on a private Masonic e-list I'm on, has led to an idea I hope you'll help out with.

Please privately tell me your definition of Freemasonry in 25-200 (or so) words. Please do not use in any way, shape or form the phrase "Freemasonry is a peculiar [or beautiful] system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols."

I ask that you send it privately instead of simply posting a comment so that no one is influenced by anyone else's response. Once a suitable time has passed, I'll put all the responses together in an article here on the Taper.

Your identity will not be disclosed unless you specifically give your permission. Please identify your locale, and whether or not you are a Mason.

Please send your responses by email.


— W.S.

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  1. so, how many definitions have you received yet?

  2. I am not a mason but starting to consider pettitioning

    I look forward to hearing your results!


    Austin Texas


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