Thursday, May 25, 2006

Apocalypse Not

I guess we can toss another End of the World scenario onto the rubbish heap. The fragments of Comet 73-P missed hitting the Earth earlier today by about six million miles.

That pile of discarded Doomsdays is getting higher and higher. Swine flu... Killer bees... Jesus's return in 1988... Y2K... SARS... Anthrax... Avian flu.... and now, 73-P.

Americans (and it seems, the Japanese, too) love a good scare. As a species, we seem to enjoy fantasizing about horrible things happening. Or worrying about them.

"Mind is the builder," Edgar Cayce said.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will," wrote George Bernard Shaw.

"Emotional power behind your expectations powers your expectations into physical reality," we're told by Seth. "You must remember, once more, that expectations are the blocks with which you build your reality. There are no exceptions to this rule."

"Our intention creates our reality." — Dr. Wayne Dyer

It's time we, as individuals and as humanity-at-large, adopt a new paradigm of Life. A new way of thinking. A new way of visualizing the future.

Or else, eventually, we're going to create something really, really unpleasant.

Image: String Theory, by Kiyoko Saiki

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  1. Thank you for keeping your readers up to date. I can sure draw an easier breath now and plan my Memorial Day weekend at the Giants ballpark instead of spending the time in my bomb shelter.

  2. You're welcome, Linda... least we can do.

    Come on up topside and enjoy the sunshine. It's going to be a beautiful weekend.

    Good luck to the Giants! Think positive!

    — Widow's Son

  3. I'm thoroughly dissapointed. I can't believe I'm still alive.

    I ran up a lot of credit cards on my business trip under the assumption I would never have to actually pay them...


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