Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fanning the flames of "The Da Vinci Code" mania

The Da Vinci Code mania continues, and we're going to do our part to fan the flames.

Why? Because, as Tom Hanks said the other night on Conan O'Brian's show, while telling a story about a French traffic cop who stopped him and his wife without cause, "because I can."

Here's some The Da Vinci Code stuff to check out:
  • A new trailer

  • posted an intriguing but rather bizarre article the other day about the supposed discovery of Dan Brown's secret notes for his upcoming book about Freemasonry, The Solomon Key.

  • Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, which plays a pivotal part in The Da Vinci Code, has been cleaning up for the expected influx of visitors. Check out these gorgeous photographs.

  • Robert Cooper, curator and libarian of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, in Edinburgh, claims the whole of American Freemasonry is essentially Scottish. He says: "We do know that the first Freemason in the North American continent was a Scot, John Skene, who travelled to America in around 1680. We also know that the second Freemason was a stonemason from a lodge in Melrose. So right from an early age Scots Freemasonry and stonemasonry was in America."

  • Self-described Christian "apologist," author Clary Lopez has taken to task her comment to SF's reprint of's article "War on The Da Vinci Code," first on the site, and then on her own site, called "Are They Saved?" She calls The Da Vinci Code movie (unseen as of this writing, by the way), the "biggest blasphemy ever!" Even though we think she's off-base on this matter, she's still quite the Sacred Fem.

  • A photograph of the Georgia Guidestones on inspired this "Eureka! moment" from our friend GrouchoGandhi: "The two pillars of light that the Guidestones create look like Boaz and Jachin." That's thinking between the lines, er, between the stones. Seeing the columns of Freemasonry in the spaces between the monoliths.... a fascinating thought. Just who was R. C. Christian?

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  1. On the subject of Dan Brown ---- He is a great writer - but he is greatly wrong about the question - who is Christ Jesus! Dan Brown paints a vivid heretical picture of Christ that is not true - and in our day of religious pluralism and false teaching - true Christians must call it what it is - HERESY!

    Therefore, I reject Brown's off the wall claims on the basis of two very important solid foundational points - 1. It contradicts the Holy Bible. 2. It lacks true evidence - therefore - it should be rejected completely.

    For those who say - "Lighten up a bit Josh - it is all for matters of fiction and fun." I say to them - stomping my Savior in the mud for money and fun - is not the idea of fun I picture.

    Brown must be called a heretic! That is what he is and that is what he promotes - heresy at its best. What we must also remember is that Brown is not the first to come up with such heretical claims - his heresy is just warmed up left overs from years ago.

    Exalt Christ - He is the true and living God.

    Josh Buice

  2. "Great writer"...? Well, that says a lot about Josh's superior One True Religion argument.

    Therefore, I reject Josh's off the wall claims on the basis of two very important solid foundational points - 1. It contradicts discerning literary knowledge. 2. It lacks true understanding, not to mention taste - therefore - Josh should be rejected completely.

    For those who say - "Lighten up a bit Gg - it is all for matters of personal preference and whatever floats-your-boat." I say unto them - stomping others in the mud for self-righteousness and fun - is not the idea of moral authority I picture.

    Hail Eris!

  3. Groucho,

    Are you going to be grouchy all of your life? You know, If I was on a constant search for light that did not exist or for true peace in the matters of life - without the foundation of Christ - I would be grouchy as well.


    lighten up a bit! By the way - you know I am right about Mr. Brown. His book lacks serious evidence and it does throw mud upon Christ Jesus.

    Well, try to get over your grouchy attitude before we talk again.

    Exalt Jesus Christ - He is the true and living God!

    Josh Buice

  4. So just to be clear...

    Your contention is Dan Brown is a great writer. And, on top of that, he's a heretic, like that means anything. And then you build that world view on shifting sand.

    You, yourself, are a heretic from the One True Church. You do not follow approved doctrine of the One True Church. So, by default, you are in error. Sadly, you're fallacies are your own.

    I can only hope the lead will drop from your eyes so that you may see the glory that abounds all around.

  5. Groucho,

    What I was trying to convey was that Brown is a good writer - he has the ability to write well. However, I disagree with what he wrote - because he purports heresy!

    Concerning the "One True Church" you referenced. Do you mean - "The Church of Groucho" or do you mean - "The Catholic Church" - where Mary is exalted? I would like to know what color stone is being thrown my way.

    Concerning true doctrine - do you mean that I don't hold to polytheistic views of false gods? Do you mean that I don't hold to heretical views of works based salvation? Do you mean that I don't pray to Mary? Do you mean that I don't hold to transubstantiation? What exactly do you mean?

    All for the glory of the true Savior - Jesus Christ

    Josh Buice

  6. Are you absolutely certain you want to be on the record with your assertion that Dan Brown is a great (now downgraded to good) writer and has the ability to write well?

    That's the claim your going to stake your position on?

  7. Rev Buice,

    Who cares if it's heresy. You call it heresy because your Bible doesnt support it. I look at the Bible as somewhat suspect as far as an infallible written historical record. Sorry to disagree with your view.
    Brown wrote a story you disagree with...sorry...but that's free press! Irrefuteable proof of the validity of the information in the Bible...or the material that Dan Brown has re-iterated will determine what is heresy in the future. Long gone are the inquisitions of the past. Science can hold the key of proof or disproof (probably mis-spelled...)
    If Christians wish to not even look at other views...that's their perogative and indeed, their right... More power to them. But you can't argue that the subject presented in the movie is an outright lie. That wouldn't hold up in any court due to the fact that it can't be proven or disproven empirically.
    For example...Christ's ressurection... Lack of a corpus delectii does not prove ressurection. The mass that saw him rise to Heaven??? Masses of people hallucinate UFO's of all things from time to time. The fallibility of eyewitness testimony is a well-documented occurrence.
    Relax...I am not attacking the ressurection of Christ...just making a point about testimony.
    When you said "We must call Dan Brown a heretic"...That is more like what YOU need to do. He has published a story that you disagree with and you can exercise your freedom to express whatever you feel is appropriate. I call him a good writer with an interesting story using information that has been gleaned from several sources. It is a shocking view for most mainstream Christians. It's not at a complete loss for support from historical sources...albeit vague sources...But then again...that eyewitness testimony thing...vagueness seems to be the norm in religious texts... canonical and apocryphal. You and I will probably disagree...but I admire you for your opinion and your stick-to-it ness.

    Respectfully, FRDS

  8. Alabama Freemason,

    Batman had the Bat-line... Josh has the God-line.


  9. You know that the Fundies are gonna be out at many theaters; bibles in hand, looking to try to explain to people that the story behind the DaVinci Code is just fiction and that THEIR version is historical fact. I think everyone who is a mason that is going to see this movie should wear their rings and be ready to speak to anyone who would talk with you about the movie and freemasonry in general.



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