Monday, May 22, 2006

Masonic Brothers disagree over formation of new Grand Lodge

The press release announcing the formation of a new Masonic Grand Lodge has met with mixed reviews from conventional Antient Masons.

Brothers Rudy Olano, Wade Miller and Rich Graeter exchanged these messages in Free-Mason @ on Friday. (No attempt has been made to correct typos or spelling.) Bro. Olano has long been a critic of the United Grand Lodge of America and the Rose Cross of Gold.
In Free-Mason @, wade miller wrote:

My friend, it is very true what you say about todays lodge. I was shocked at how well you described mine, even though you were describing yours. New ideas are OK but there is nothing wrong with the old ideas. Problem is just like you state it. I've seen the brotherly love thing tossed out over wall hanging! And I'm serious. But lodge rules in regards to clandest are what they have to be. If they were not then anyone could change the rules for their benifit and start up from new, with no looking back.

Friend, use the power of the vote to change freemasonry for all. Lead by example. And voice your opions be strong seek console with other like brothers. Your thoughts are great now you have to be great.

Wade Miller
Snow Lodge #44
Leclaire Ia

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RmOlano says:

As the movie Da Vinci Codewas released today, people here in US are exercising their rights to see and oppose the movie. As I mentioned in my previous post, a genre was born to refute Dan Brown's book which we all know is a NOVEL. It is not surprising to note that some marketing savvy individuals and companies capitalized Brown's success or controversy to advance their own bottom line and /or agenda. The latest of this dismal stunt can be viewed in this thread "For Immediate Release." The title could be might as well as "Young Free-Masons Form Their Own Grand Lodge."

The obvious targets are the young viewers who might get a grin on the old-man-with-coffee-and-doughnut routine. The new release line was to suggest that the Free-Masons portrayed in the DaVinci movie is real and can be found in "United Grand Lodge of America." Despite of ala-1960's Woodstock era slogan, Peace, Love and Harmony the article offers, a visit to their website would make one to pause as the use o f words showed contempt against the traditional Grand Lodges which most of us belong.

For a group that call themselves members of the Rite of Golden Cross of Rose who can't understand why a Grand Lodge would declared their assembly to be "clandestine" and eventually expelled, it is somewhat surprising considering the strategy of using the very recent Hollywood movie. People with some background in history, marketing and advertising are not slow to see the advantages of what Don Brown book generated. Instead of using their talents to work within the system which some of the readers can vouch for, these "Young Free-Masons" decided to go on their own and burned the bridges after they crossed. Sad picture indeed but not an original attempt in the long history of our Craft.

As Bro Wade suggest, not because our vote is a on the losing side, it is contrary to the good of the Order to form our own Grand Lodge. And for “Young Free-Masons With a New Grand Lodge,” if I may recommend to go ahead and read Freemasonry for Dummies, it is popular and someone mentioned that there are enough materials in there to come out better than when you started.

on the level,
by the plumb,
upon the Square.

Rudy Olano
Lincoln Lodge No. 34 (Phil)
Hanford Lodge No. 279 (CA)

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Dear Bro. Olano:

As an heretofore silent observer, it appears to me that you have a personal pique or quarrel with the UGLA guys that seems color your views. Yes, you are indeed correct, the thread could indeed have been titled "Young Free-Masons Form Their Own Grand Lodge." In fact, that was the entire point of the press release, so I guess you should be congratulated for understanding it so clearly.

And so what? They got fed up with what they felt was a corrupt, racist good ole boys club and decided to start out fresh. You speak as if this is some cardinal unMasonic sin. Well guess what; the formation of new grand lodges is almost as old as the Craft. As far as I am concerned, they, or any three lodges of Master Masons for that matter, have the time immemorial right to form a grand lodge. No one gave this power exclusively to the 51 US grand lodges. If so, show me. Now, it is certainly the right of the 51 state grand lodges to decline to recognize them, but my bet is that the UGLA really does not lose too much sleep over that fact.

From my review of their web sites, both and, they make a pretty compelling case for their decision to strike out on their own. My guess is that the vitriol that you and other "mainstream" masons continue to hurl at them is really rooted in your fear that they may just be on to something, and that young potential candidates will see that too, and leave the old lodges in the dust. And you know something? Those fears might be justified.


Richard A. Graeter, PM
Caliburn Lodge #785
Cincinnati, Ohio

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  1. It's only a matter of time... The old lodges will feed upon themselves as they gobble up the land and charters of their subordinate lodges.


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