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The Future: Advancing Masonic Morality in both Natural Philosophy and Geometry

The Future: Advancing Masonic Morality in both Natural Philosophy and Geometry, by Bro. Jeff Peace

Throughout the past three centuries people have continued to inquire about the meaning of Free-Masonry. Many books have been written on the subject, some to purposefully further obscure its true meaning and others to create meaning where there wasn't any at all. This confusion is due to the fact that in the beginning Free-Masonry was a secret society that concealed what were, at the time, considered dangerous concepts and ideas. Adding to this confusion were the many schisms and internal conflicts that divided the organization and created a maze of competing ideas and philosophies. Today's Free-Masonry is a quagmire of conflicting information that presents a confusing series of ideas to its members, who try desperately to form some type of a rational synthesis of seemingly absurd teachings.

One only need look at the plethora of competing Masonic organizations today to see just how mired the organization has become in the myriad of unrelated philosophical ideas it has acquired over the centuries. Free-Masonry of the 21st century is an organization that has lost its way. The only thing today's Masons can agree to is philanthropy. The concept of a Masonic brotherhood has been torn to pieces by competing factions and ugly internal politics. None of this should come as a surprise. Any organization that has lost its central philosophy — its reason for being — will quickly begin to flounder on the rocks of the high seas of modernity.

The newly established United Grand Lodge of America is a lighthouse of the original Masonic philosophy of the early eighteenth century. These brethren have penetrated the dark fog that has engulfed Free-Masonry and have returned it to the solid foundation of its true roots in the Enlightenment. They are now in the position to advance the Royal Art to levels never before imagined by Masons of any generation. The brotherhood of man under the All-Seeing of Deity was but a dream to the Free-Masons of 1717; it now has the potential to be realized for the first time.

The days of the social Free-Masonry which took root in the 1950’s are numbered. The next generation will inherit nothing from their fathers and grandfathers but empty and decaying buildings. The pseudo-Masonic rituals left to them will be discarded, and then replaced with the true knowledge of Masonic Light. New temples will be erected whose doors will be open to all, regardless of race or religion, and the knowledge that brings peace and harmony will fill every corner with love and Light.

In the beginning Free-Masonry's aims and objectives needed to remain a closely guarded secret revealed only to the few, but those times are now past. What we once held close to our hearts shall now be given freely to all mankind. This knowledge is the rightful inheritance of humanity as a whole; we have been merely its silent keepers over the centuries. The time has come to restore this great gift to its rightful owners.

Free-Masonry's "Geometry" has reached into every corner of the cosmos revealing the true nature of the Great Architect in all of His infiniteness and wholeness. Our "Natural Philosophy" has expanded mankind’s understanding of itself and the world in which we live. It is, however, our "Peculiar System of Morality" that has failed both Masonry and humanity. This is not due to fallacies in the original system as given to us by the patriarchs of our progressive science, but in our failure to maintain and adapt the system to mankind’s ever-growing knowledge of himself and the Universe. The first priority of the next generation of Free-Masons and the United Grand Lodge of America must be the advancement of Masonic Morality in both "Natural Philosophy" and "Geometry." Mankind now stands uneasily at the edge of a precipice and must be given the working tools needed to avoid a catastrophe that could send it spiraling back into the darkness of superstition and fear. No longer can Free-Masons sit silently in their stately halls speculating on the future. The future is here today and our gentle Craft must rise to meet the challenges of generations yet unborn.

Today is the day we must rise up from our slumbers and once again make a difference in the world. The old rules that regulated our conduct must be abandoned and replaced with new ones that better reflect the environment in which Free-Masonry now exists. Masons who live in the past will die with it, but for those who see the necessity for progress and change there is a future filled with hope and service to both the Great Architect and mankind.

Let me finish with a warning to the purveyors of darkness, superstition and tyranny: While your numbers have grown during our fitful slumbers we have not forgotten your treachery or the flames of your pyres. The All-Seeing Eye is ever watching over its children.

— Bro. Jeff Peace, Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold

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