Saturday, September 09, 2006

30% of Americans don't know when 9/11 happened!

As churches, public officials and every talking head on every news program in the country gear up to tearjerk * the populace on the fifth anniversary of the sad and frightening set of events now commonly known as "Nine-Eleven," consider this:
  • 30% of adult Americans don't remember what year it happened. Fourteen percent gave the wrong year; 16% simply said they had "no idea."
  • Five percent can't even remember the month and date!
The website points out that most of this 30% are age 55 or over... the same people who most regularly vote. And the same people who make up probably 85%-90% of American Freemasonry.

Scary, huh?

* TearjerkVerb; to speak or publish audio-visual content in a calculated attempt to provoke an emotional response, usually for a sinister or controlling purpose.

CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
Sploid: Nation of Retards

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  1. Well, of course they can't remember! Those dang Europeens call it 11/9, and it gets us all screwed up!

    The Tao of Masonry

  2. Of course I remember 9/11. That's the day when Bellick is going to form an alliance with Scoffield and Burrows, mob boss Abruzzi gets bitchslapped by his wife for caring more about getting revenge on informer Fibbonacci than starting over with his family, and T-Bag looks like he might rape a young girl and kill her and her family, who have picked him up hitchhiking.

    Or it could be the night Bush pre-empts my favorite show "Prison Break" to give a damn speech in a politically calculated move to help the Republicans win the next election based on that other 9/11.

    We know what happenned, Bush, we remember. For those of us who don't, kindly finish up reminding us before 8 o'clock.

  3. 9 what? Oh is that when THOSE WATCHA MA CALL IT'S FELL?


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